Kim Jong Il

The president got widely trashed for his initial tweet, and his bid to undo the damage seems to have done little good.
While President Donald Trump flew in by plane to meet Kim Jong Un in Hanoi, Vietnam, the North Korean leader rode in his fancy train.
“All of a sudden a guy grabbed me by the arms. Before I knew it, I was onboard. All the blood drained from my head to my toes.”
Photos show Kim Jong Un and his father Kim Jong Il in fraudulently obtained passports.
Washington sees North Korea as a security challenge. Yet the North threatens America only because the U.S. intervened in
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly promoted his sister to the state’s ruling body.
He also promoted his sister into a higher position of power within the regime.
Experts are concerned the pair are edging dangerously close to war.
Pyongyang carried out its largest nuclear test ever last week.
Meet the scientists at the frontline of Kim Jong Un's nuclear ambitions
Pyongyang's nuclear progress slowed significantly during times of diplomacy and accelerated during times of threats.
What to do about North Korea? The escalating apocalyptic rhetoric between North Korea and the United States echoes around
If he treads carefully and follows these steps, he may be the U.S. president to turn the tables on this conflict.
CNN host points out that the president lashes the U.S. media as "the enemy" as he praises dictators.
A pseudo-religious philosophy promises North Koreans a kind of immortality through their dedication to the state.