Kim Jong Un

The North Korean dictator's music will of course stream on Despotify.
The late-night host finds "a healthier work environment" for the former vice president.
Former President Donald Trump reportedly invited Kim Jong Un on Air Force One following their 2019 summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Kim Jong Un’s government has also produced fissile material, an essential ingredient for producing nuclear weapons, the panel said.
Kim Jong Un took center stage in celebrating a major ruling party meeting in which he vowed maximum efforts to bolster the nuclear and missile program.
The North Korean leader wrote that he believed "the deep and special friendship between us will work as a magical force."
"Kim Jong Un hit on you!" the president said, according to the former White House press secretary's new book.
North Korea's dictator reportedly described his bond with Trump as something out of a “fantasy film," the famed Watergate journalist will reveal in "Rage."
North Korea has blown up a vacant inter-Korean liaison office in a symbolic act of aggression.
The dramatic display sharply raises tensions on the Korean Peninsula and puts pressure on Washington and Seoul.