Heroin use has its own perils, and it's become even more deadly of late, as evidenced by fentanyl-spiked batches that have
Back in February, a large meteor streaked across the sky and exploded above Russia (because where else?), again reminding
According to José Sotero Ruiz Hernández, an official with Mexico's National Institute of Migration, a 17-year-old girl in
Krokodil is made from crushed codeine pills cooked with household chemicals. The impurities in the chemicals damage a user's
The study, entitled "Krokodil--A Designer Drug From Across the Atlantic, with Serious Consequences" was removed from the
The flesh-eating drug Krokodil has reared its ugly head in Ohio.
But to Kelly, the threat is real and a cause for concern. "I've been worried about methamphetamine and heroin for years," Kelly
Death. It looks awfully close to death. And while you may strive to be polite... In all fairness, with that much snow, tank
A deadly new drug called Krokodil has been making headlines in Russia and the U.S. for its horrific effects on users. And now it might be in Canada.
Krokodil is made from cooking crushed codeine pills with household chemicals such as gasoline or paint thinner. It causes