Half of Black immigrant cleaners and nannies surveyed said they had to work in places where they or others had COVID-19.
Indianapolis typically fills 17 pools each year, but with a national lifeguard shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, just five are open this summer.
The workers in Maryland just voted 65-33 in favor of forming a union.
Starbucks Workers United filed unfair labor practice charges over the CEO’s comment that he could never embrace a union.
California farm workers are exploited because they are considered temp workers.
None of the chain's more than 500 stores has union representation.
The union has won 85% of the elections held so far, and votes have been scheduled for more than 100 other stores.
The setback for the union follows a stunning upset victory at a different warehouse in New York last month.
With more workers at Amazon, Starbucks and elsewhere seeking union elections, Democrats are calling for a $94 million budget increase at the NLRB.
Erin Maye Quade withdrew from the nomination process for her state Senate race to go to the hospital. But should organizers have postponed the convention?