Workers have been taken for granted for too long, said five-year Home Depot veteran Vince Quiles.
Amy Cooper accused investment firm Franklin Templeton of unfairly firing her and branding her a racist after video of the Central Park encounter went viral.
Companies can use multiple tactics to stop their employees from organizing.
The union said it’s just sour grapes: "Workers have spoken loud and clear."
Fresh off a win in Massachusetts, the new Trader Joe’s United hopes to unionize stores in Minneapolis and beyond.
In a rare move, workers at a neighborhood restaurant chain are looking to the join the wave of union organizing at Starbucks, Amazon and Trader Joe's.
The grocer will finally have to bargain with a union, the new Trader Joe’s United.
The Trade Adjustment Assistance program helped about 100,000 workers each year.
The upcoming vote in Massachusetts could give the grocer its first unionized store.
After watching coworkers in New Jersey organize, Medieval Times employees in California rounded up union cards in less than a week.