Hundreds of laid-off service workers — many of them immigrants Trump has insulted — are getting out the vote in Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania.
Uber, Lyft and others have spent over $185 million on a campaign to exempt them from a California law that would make drivers employees with benefits.
Participants are expected to take a knee, hold a moment of silence or walk off the job for 8 minutes and 46 seconds in memory of George Floyd.
USPS letter carrier Peggy Frank never made it home on a 117-degree day. As temperatures soar, jobs like hers will become more and more dangerous.
Law enforcement unions make up a small slice of the AFL-CIO, but progressive members are increasingly uncomfortable associating with them.
Taking away coronavirus pay increases may be easier said than done.
The ride-hailing companies have refused to reclassify their contract workers as employees with benefits despite the passage of AB5 last year.
The largely immigrant and minority workforce is at special risk during the pandemic.
Facing unusually dangerous conditions, workers on the front lines have received small wage increases, if any. Many feel more underpaid than ever.
Memos to workers at Sanderson Farms show the strain poultry workers are under during the coronavirus pandemic.