Academic workers have walked off the job to protest the crackdown on campus demonstrations. The university claims the work stoppage is illegal.
The president urged the airplane manufacturer to reach a deal that "gets these firefighters the pay and benefits they deserve."
The embattled aircraft manufacturer is at odds with the firefighters' union over a new contract. The union calls the lockout a safety risk.
The judge ordered the grocer to pay the union’s legal fees after it tried to claim the union had violated its trademarks.
The automaker and the UAW said that they plan to start bargaining a first contract following the union’s historic win.
Union activists want to lay the groundwork for large-scale strikes in 2028. That'll require planning now.
Business groups could mount a legal challenge to the president's plan to greatly expand overtime protections to more salaried employees.
The election victory at a plant in Chattanooga marks a new chapter for the United Auto Workers and organized labor in the South.
The United Auto Workers union has struggled for years to organize foreign-owned automakers in the South. Workers say this time feels different.
Republican lawmakers have been happy to weigh in on pivotal union elections over the years. But Rep. Chuck Fleischmann says he's staying out of this one.