More than 100 years after the industrial disaster, women are still thinking about it.
The decision to hold back on striking more Ford facilities shows the flexibility behind the union's strategy.
The presidential hopeful called Reagan’s move a "great example," but it’s generally illegal to fire workers in private-sector work stoppages.
“Those record profits have not been shared fairly, in my view, with those workers," he said.
Many observers believe a work stoppage of some kind looks increasingly likely.
The contracts for 150,000 autoworkers expire next month, creating the possibility of a large-scale walkout.
Unite Here Local 11 is asking that major conventions stay away from the city amid a massive labor dispute.
Labor board prosecutors also say the company illegally fired a union supporter and withheld raises from workers who organized.
Nurses at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital say they are overstretched and are demanding better nurse-to-patient ratios and higher pay.
The Florida-based company is trying to enforce a controversial employment clause that has gained national attention recently.