Exotic dancers deal with harassment, discriminatory labor practices and club owners who find devious ways to limit their pay. Here's a look inside the battle to unionize stripping.
The bureaucratic nightmare of holding employers accountable for wage theft is a glimpse into America's two-tiered justice system.
Someone in the airline's operations control center feared attendants might walk off the plane after working long hours. So they ordered the door closed.
Thousands of California teachers in the Bay Area city are demanding better pay and classroom conditions.
It’s a good lesson for striking teachers, activists at Google and participants in the Women’s March.
Holiday party invitations show which workers are valued by the company — and which aren’t.
The two GOP governors weakened the labor movement in ways that will be felt for years, perhaps even decades.
The airline has said the actions had caused an "irreparable breach of trust."
UPS drivers were already divided over a plan to create a two-tier pay system, but the way it was passed has made things even more contentious.
These organizing tactics aren't traditional, but they are helping unions make some headway in the food and drink industry.
With the GOP in control, a hike by Congress doesn't seem any more likely today than it did five years ago.
Jeff Bezos is raising Amazon’s minimum wage to $15 in the U.S. and U.K., but what about the controversy over working conditions in other countries?
Right-wingers are pushing America back toward an era when workers had no rights.
Eight out of 10 ride-hailing drivers in LA said they would like to join an organization that would help them press for better pay and working conditions.
Made up mostly of women and Latino members, the powerful Culinary Workers Union has proven that organized labor can thrive where it's supposed to fail.
Our belief in the everlasting creation of new work is one of history’s all-time utopian dreams.