The bill includes proposed fines and tax provisions that could steer more business to unionized companies and make it easier for workers to organize.
Nabisco parent company Mondelez wants to do away with workers' premium pay rates for weekends and long shifts.
As AFL-CIO president, Trumka served as the face of American labor over the past decade.
Union members ratified the new contract guaranteeing a pay raise and at least one day off each week.
“The protection has to be for all, not one side,” a union representative said of Clark County's decision to limit its coronavirus mask mandate.
The moderate Arizona Democrat told HuffPost he’s not opposed to passing parts of labor law reform through budget reconciliation.
The last hike came early in former President Barack Obama’s first term.
The president plans to sign a sweeping executive order aimed at curbing monopolies and boosting worker leverage.
Workers at No Evil Foods’ North Carolina plant were furious at the news, according to audio of the layoff announcement.
The fast-food giant is also encouraging its franchisees — which make up 95% of its restaurant base — to boost pay.