In a rare move, workers at a neighborhood restaurant chain are looking to the join the wave of union organizing at Starbucks, Amazon and Trader Joe's.
The grocer will finally have to bargain with a union, the new Trader Joe’s United.
The Trade Adjustment Assistance program helped about 100,000 workers each year.
The upcoming vote in Massachusetts could give the grocer its first unionized store.
After watching coworkers in New Jersey organize, Medieval Times employees in California rounded up union cards in less than a week.
Workers are following in the footsteps of their editorial counterparts and asking the media company to recognize the union and bargain a contract.
With workers unionizing at companies like Starbucks and Apple, the number of election petitions shot up 58% so far this fiscal year.
Half of Black immigrant cleaners and nannies surveyed said they had to work in places where they or others had COVID-19.
Indianapolis typically fills 17 pools each year, but with a national lifeguard shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, just five are open this summer.
The workers in Maryland just voted 65-33 in favor of forming a union.