Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson warned in her dissent that the decision could "erode the right to strike."
The dancers of North Hollywood’s Star Garden have gained recognition as part of the the Actors’ Equity Association after a 15-month battle with management.
Experts share their advice for handling planned and unexpected work stoppages across the travel industry.
As the writers strike heads into its second week, the writers are putting studio executives on notice and halting production on major shows.
The late-night legend continued a tradition that started in the 2007 writers’ strike.
A work stoppage remains unlikely due to the rules that govern collective bargaining in the airline industry.
The 84 drivers and dispatchers work for one of Amazon’s contractors, but Amazon said the firm is already in the process of losing its contract.
The new union, Trader Joe's United, won an election at a store in Oakland, California, but lost by a single vote at a store in New York City.
The senator laid into Schultz for Starbucks' aggressive response to a union campaign.
Baristas represented by Workers United walked out for the day at more than 100 locations to protest alleged union busting.