Lame Duck Session

The ruling stems from an ongoing battle over legislation that GOP lawmakers and Republican Gov. Scott Walker passed during a lame-duck session.
Members of the public testified against the measures at a sometimes raucous hearing that ran deep into the night Monday.
This legitimacy problem is particularly acute when politicians who were defeated or are retiring give their support to legislation
He said earlier this week that he wouldn't get in the way if most senators wanted have a hearing during a lame-duck session.
He said he could be convinced if a majority of senators supported it.
At the Democratic National Convention signs read No TPP, a concert is traveling the U.S. called Rock Against the TPP, and even Donald Trump wants to stop the TPP.
With only two years remaining for the Obama administration, it might be easy for agency leaders, both political and career, to assume they are in a lame-duck situation and can't get much done. The truth is that agencies can accomplish a great deal in the next 24 months, according to Edward Montgomery.
It's time to start letting go of the senator, and reacquaint yourself with that person you really are.
The delay in confirming this highly qualified physician during a public health crisis strictly for political reasons is shameful. It's time to put patients over politics. It's time to put science over special interests.
If we expect our nation to be prepared for the potential outbreak of a disease, we need a Surgeon General on the job. It's the Surgeon General who can make sure that science and established facts dictate our response, rather than politics or innuendo.