Lara Logan

"There has been and is an existing ET presence. I spent more than anybody else in the U.S. has ever spent on this subject."
By raising so few doubts about the absurdity of creating yet another Benghazi inquisition last year, the press helped fuel the charade that unfolded last week. It's time to own up to the unpleasant truth.
Over 150 journalists and professors sent an open letter to CBS News' "60 Minutes" on Wednesday, claiming the program had
Logan, a South Africa native and longtime war correspondent, was one of dozens of journalists attacked during several weeks
A close friend told Breitbart News she checked in to a Washington, D.C. hospital for at least the fourth time this year.
The Williams' flurry is just the tip of a much greater scandal: the charade of the glamorous, all-seeing Super Anchor who ranges the planet in search of scandal, outrage and spectacle. It's a colossal fake, a travesty--put over on an audience that desperately wants to believe in the sham. But, hey folks--the Emperor has no clothes.
CBS News's Scott Pelley introduced Logan's piece Sunday night, adding that the anchor was still under quarantine. Logan spoke
Lara Logan made her first appearance on CBS News on Sunday since her return to the network after a lengthy suspension. CBS
Lara Logan's suspension from "60 Minutes" appears to be over. The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Wednesday that Logan, who has been on a leave of absence from the program since late November, when her controversial reporting on the Benghazi attacks fell apart—is back at work. Other outlets also confirmed the news.
Lara Logan's suspension from "60 Minutes" appears to be over.
Since then, questions have been raised about Logan's closeness to the military and her increasingly opinionated interventions
But the "60 Minutes" report was flawed in other ways, including Logan making unsourced assertions that Al Qaeda was behind
Lara Logan remains on a leave of absence from "60 Minutes," and there is still no word on when she will be returning. Logan
So what gives? Why has one of the most revered news operations -- a program that has won more Emmy Awards than any other TV news organization -- turned its back on the kind of shoe-leather investigative reporting that has earned it a record-setting audience?
As if things weren't bad enough for "60 Minutes," the newsmagazine has now been given a prize nobody wants: Poynter's "Error
Logan is currently on an indefinite leave of absence after her central source for the Benghazi story was found to be a serial
I used to sneer at Don Hewitt's need for detectives to substantiate his reporters' stories. Now I guess I have to give him credit.
It would be an interesting cruise to be on. The one with Alec Baldwin, Lara Logan and Maria Bartiromo as your ship mates. Interesting if you didn't care where you were going or if you got there.