Latin America

At least nine people are dead and 63 more injured after the collapse of a stage during a campaign rally in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.
Mexico's brutal heat wave may have killed hundreds of howler monkeys, said veterinarians and rescuers.
The brown horse nicknamed Caramelo by social media users had been balancing on two narrow strips of slippery asbestos for days in Canoas.
Thieves apparently killed the three, who were on a surfing trip to Mexico’s Baja peninsula, to steal their truck because they wanted the tires.
Two Australians and an American went missing last weekend during a camping and surfing trip in Mexico's Baja California state.
George Alan Kelly's trial in the fatal shooting near the U.S.-Mexico border ended with a deadlocked jury.
The felines have long wandered the gardens and elegant halls of the National Palace in Mexico City.
Police broke into the Mexican Embassy to arrest a former Ecuadorian vice president who had sought political asylum.
“It wasn't me,” the suspect yells as he leads the horse and police officer into the street, stopping traffic.
The governments of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras confirmed that their citizens were among the missing.