Latin America

It’s better down where it’s wetter! Meet Davi, Rio De Janeiro’s resident merman.
The crash also injured six others involved in the streaming platform's series "The Chosen One."
The journalist and Indigenous expert were the antithesis of the far-right leader's vision for Brazil. They died in an Amazon grown more dangerous in his regime.
Phillips, a British journalist, and Pereira, a Brazilian Indigenous affairs expert, have been missing since June 5. A fisherman has confessed to involvement in their killings.
Prosecutors said the La Luz del Mundo church leader used his spiritual sway to have sex with young women who were told it would lead to their salvation.
A government that has done little to protect Indigenous lands is now doing even less to assist the search for Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, who've been missing since Sunday.
The men, who have been missing in a remote part of the rainforest since Sunday, said they were threatened by men with guns on a prior reporting trip.
Hurricane Agatha swept ashore on a stretch of tourist beaches and fishing towns in southern Mexico on Monday.
A federal judge in Louisiana blocked a Biden administration plan to lift Title 42, which denies migrants a chance to request asylum on the southern border.
Here’s how countries around the world are celebrating gay pride.