Latin America

Ovidio Guzman's brief apprehension triggered intense gunbattles across the city of Culiacan.
Democrats don't think the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal should get tangled up in impeachment.
The council is responsible for protecting human rights, which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is accused of violating.
Protests are targeting companies that haven't met their own pledges, demanding they "step up" in the climate change fight.
The model told HuffPost Brazil that she wants to be a positive force in the fashion industry.
The delegate later blasted Trump as "xenophobic and imperialist" after he called Venezuela's president a "Cuban puppet."
The Brazilian president delivered a fiery nationalist speech at a U.N. General Assembly focused on the climate crisis.
Presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have forged a nationalist alliance based on the idea that climate change is a hoax.
The Australian journalist wondered if cleaning up Trump's rambling speech does the public a disservice.
Thousands of migrants are being forced by the Trump administration to wait in Mexico while their requests for asylum wind through clogged immigration courts.
“I went to do an audition ... and they told me, ‘You’re probably not going to get the role because they want someone who looks more Latina,’” the entertainer said.
Staff were forced to wheel patients into the streets on stretchers after a fire broke out at Badim Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.
Though President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has pledged government investigations into LGBTQ hate crimes, the numbers have troubled local activists.
The Swedish fashion retailer and the company behind brands like Vans and Timberland said they're banning leather from Brazil over environmental concerns.
About 127 military construction projects within the U.S. and abroad will be affected by this diversion of funds to build Trump's wall along the Mexico border.
Rampant corruption, environmental indifference and a thirst for growth helped Brazil ignore a brewing crisis in Altamira.
The Brazilian president says he's dumping the French brand in favor of one of his country's own as tensions ratchet up between the two nations.
Hundreds of global corporations have promised to help limit deforestation. None of them is meeting that goal.