Laura Ingraham

The Fox News host found common ground with the progressive senator over the GOP playground antics at the Capitol.
The Fox News host explained in true right-wing fashion why media praise for Haley in the third debate has doomed her.
Ingraham was forced to admit she botched this one big-time.
The Fox News host somehow twisted Joe Biden's speech about the Israel-Hamas war into an argument against Donald Trump's indictments.
Raymond Arroyo warned how the "Beetlejuice" theater scandal may hit the firebrand Republican.
The former Trump attorney and co-defendant had insisted he had "lots of evidence of fraud."
After the Fox News host claimed the Democrats would run on “pot, porn, Planned Parenthood,” Twitter users joked she was helping them win the 2024 election.
The Fox News host's attempt to tie the president's protection of land to a sinister plot is "full Alex Jones," one outlet said.
Fox News' responses to Trump indictment for 2020 election will frighten the hell out of you in a scary movie-style trailer.
Critics pointed to the Missouri senator's law background in disgust.