Laura Ingraham

Christina Bobb's comments on Fox News sounded more like an admission to some of Trump's critics.
The Fox News host admitted that voters could reject Trump if he runs again.
It has to do with "clever" Democrats and Republican lawnmowers.
The president offered condolences and demanded action, which the Fox News hosts found worthy of scorn.
The Fox News host was all over the place in her hot take on the racist massacre that killed 10 in a New York state supermarket.
The baby formula shortage gave the Fox News host a platform to show off her staggering forgetfulness.
"Do you think you guys might be projecting a bit?" the "Late Night" host asked.
The Fox News personality's tweet about her mother waiting tables into her 70s took an unexpected turn.
The embattled far-right House member tried to explain her "Marshall law" text and we're confused.
According to Trump’s former secretary of state, conservatives are a bigger threat to the U.S. than China.