Laura Ingraham

President Donald Trump's lawyer continued his unhinged defense in the Ukraine scandal with the Fox News host.
The former New York mayor claimed he was working on behalf of the State Department when he contacted Ukraine.
Fox News has remained quiet on her remarks, despite the network's condemnation of a commentator on a different show who called the 16-year-old "mentally ill."
The Fox News personality ranted against what she called "the war on men," and said Hollywood is waging it with crop tops, skinny jeans, and -- pajamas?
The Fox News hosts battled each other in a passive-aggressive tiff over Trump.
The Fox News hosts had a passive-aggressive exchange over Trump coverage.
Video of the exchange with the New England Patriots' Benjamin Watson is going viral.
The Fox News host tried to use a plastic straw to drink the steak. Spoiler alert: She couldn't.
Ocasio-Cortez ended the Twitter exchange by calling the Fox News host "a neo-Nazi fan favorite."
"The Daily Show" host mocked the conservative network's anchors with a spoof travel agency ad just for them.
The CNN host aired old footage from 2016 in which a pastor chided Trump for attacking Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in a speech.
The Fox News host mused with Laura Ingraham that O’Reilly should be put back on air.
Laura Ingraham and other Fox personalities attack the champions in a new montage.
O'Reilly left the conservative network in 2017 amid a sexual harassment scandal.
Laura Ingraham has downplayed the inhumanity of separating migrant children from their families. Texas congressman Joaquin Castro has had enough.
Colin Kaepernick reportedly criticized Nike's limited edition “Betsy Ross” shoes due to the design’s connection to slavery.
Trump’s outreach to North Korea is being treated very differently by those on the right who once hammered Obama for even considering it.
The Fox News host called the sports brand "pathetic" after it reportedly heeded Colin Kaepernick's objection to the design.
Tucker Carlson took aim at Sen. Cory Booker, describing him as one of “the two whitest candidates on stage” for speaking in Spanish: "Got That, Gringo?"
The Fox News host claims her podcast comments were distorted by "leftists" in the media.