Laura Ingraham

The Fox News host offered a stupefying response to the president's willingness to confront the nation's bigotry.
“They’re part of the bigger lie about what is true and what isn’t. They’re dividing a nation," the CNN anchor said of the conservative network.
The Illinois Republican received a letter from relatives slamming him for joining the "Devil's Army" and voting to impeach Trump.
The Fox News contributor and host Laura Ingraham tried their clumsy best to dismiss video evidence against the ex-president in the impeachment trial.
“I’m pretty worked up about it, given what’s at stake for the Constitution and the country," Fox News' Ingraham said of lawyer Bruce Castor's defense.
Laura Ingraham blames everyone except former President Donald Trump and his supporters in her conspiracy about the “real” insurrection.
The Fox News host blamed Joe Biden, immigrants, Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Black Lives Matter, Jeff Bezos and more in a rambling conspiracy thread.
The double standard of Fox personalities over Donald Trump is laid bare in the "Daily Show with Trevor Noah" montage.
The former U.N. ambassador tried to cast the former president as the real victim and it did not go over well.
While Dr. Anthony Fauci is urging people to stay home for the holidays, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham is encouraging Christmas family gatherings.