Laura Ingraham

"The Ingraham Angle" host put her own conspiratorial spin on the tough questions that voters posed to the president on ABC News.
Trump has another wild night on his once-favorite network.
"When you have Fox's Laura Ingraham telling you it sounds like a conspiracy theory, it's probably a conspiracy theory," Daniel Dale said.
At one point he claimed Black Lives Matter protesters wanted to "burn down storefronts, hurt people, beat people and kill people.”
Fox News host Laura Ingraham tried to save him from the bizarre analogy on the Kenosha, Wisconsin, shooting, but to no avail.
"He delivered a good speech," the Fox News personality said in a rare moment of praise, turning Trump Jr.'s smile upside down.
"Hate the six, love the half-dozen," one person fired back at the vice president on Twitter.
The Fox News host intended the tweet as a dig at "the 'Shut it all Down' Democrats," but Twitter let her have it.
Carlson's fishing trip is at least the sixth example in a little more than three years of a Fox star’s vacation in close proximity to a controversy about their work, according to the Associated Press.