Laurent Nkunda

Where was DOS when the leaders of Walikale called for help when the FDLR put 49 citizens on an assassination list? The list
Intense fighting between rebel factions and the Congolese army spread to Virunga Park this week, threatening a critical UNESCO world heritage site and the endangered mountain gorillas.
I accidentally deleted over 13,000 messages from my email account and didn't flinch. Well, almost. There was a feeling of panic, but it was followed by a Zen-like calm. Had I effectively erased the past?
Human Rights Watch has offered testimony that Bosco Ntaganda, a Congolese army general sought on an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court, is involved in the assassination of at least eight people.
The United States has strategic and mining interests in the Congo and until the American people demand that our government do something to actually promote human rights there, the ongoing abuses will continue.
The Rwandan government should investigate all incidents of violence and ensure that opposition activists and journalists are able to carry out their legitimate activities in safety.
While conducting a humanitarian assessment with Refugees International, I spoke with an eighty-year-old woman who had recently
Also, the self-named rebel Mai-Mai leader General Sikuli Lafontaine surrendered to MONUC forces yesterday along with "12
To zoom on reference map click here. In the meantime, the UN "demands:" Kabila's form of "peace" has come at the expense
Advocates of the conflict mineral approach would be far more credible if they had ever called for any kind of pressure whatsoever on mining companies that are directly involved in fueling the conflict.