Lawrence O'Donnell

Aileen Cannon "publicly applied" for the job by appointing a "special master" to review classified documents seized from Trump's home, the commentator said.
The MSNBC host blasted the Republican senator for warning of riots if Trump is indicted over classified documents.
The former president’s niece said Trump “could not possibly believe it was coming” when the FBI executed a search warrant at his Mar-a-Lago home.
“No one should waste their breath on the men in makeup at Fox when Rupert Murdoch is responsible for everything that they say and do," said the MSNBC anchor.
The extremist Republican's spin on the U.S. Capitol riot is "a classic display" that the GOP has become a cult, said the MSNBC anchor.
The ex-president's niece agreed with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell that it was designed to go "straight into Donald Trump’s heart."
“I know it’s not the nice thing to do," the music icon said of how she wants Democrats to rise up, while trashing former President Donald Trump.
Trump is suing his niece Mary Trump, The New York Times and three of its reporters.
“Five full days and nights of your life without the sound of that voice,” cheered the MSNBC anchor.
Dr. Ashish Jha said the U.S.’s haphazard response to the pandemic is “among the very worst in the world."