Lawrence O'Donnell

The MSNBC host said his network will not use the former RNC chief as a political analyst, "but I do have a few questions for her."
“Imagine how many headlines there would be about that story if Joe Biden had said those exact words,” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said of the moment.
“As stupid as Donald Trump is, he is not stupid enough to believe everything that Donald Trump says,” the MSNBC anchor explained with a chilling example.
An attorney for one of Donald Trump's co-defendants said he did not own a computer, according to a new filing.
Trump is "the most ignorant, least educated man in the history of the American presidency," said the MSNBC anchor.
The MSNBC host does the math to show how the former president could be heading for financial "collapse."
The former president's attorneys want to hold Jack Smith in contempt of court. Andrew Weissmann said that's "really not how you litigate."
The MSNBC anchor slammed the Republican House speaker as a “cultist in the middle of a cult” who is “an accessory after the fact.”
The MSNBC anchor also issued a fierce response to the former president’s attack on the network.