U.S. immigration officials had questioned Ismail B. Ajjawi about his friends' social media posts.
Lebanese LGBTQ people are still struggling with archaic “unnatural action" laws from the days of French colonization.
The news comes just one year after Lebanon's first pride celebration.
Unofficial results showed Hezbollah and its political allies won just over half the seats in Lebanon’s parliamentary election.
For many younger Lebanese, Sunday brought a first chance to vote in a national election after parliament twice extended a term that expired in 2013.
"Beirut" aims to profit from Lebanon's deadly civil war, but it doesn't tell any Lebanese truths.
“It’s what we should do as Americans," said Rev. Dr. Chloe Breyer, executive director of the Interfaith Center of New York.
It's the first time he has been back after resigning as prime minister and spurring a political crisis.
After announcing his resignation in Saudi Arabia, Saad al-Hariri says he will return to Beirut and clarify his position.
After previously announcing his resignation while in Saudi Arabia, the Lebanese prime minister has now suspended that decision upon returning to Beirut.
The proof will be in the pudding when Prime Minister Saad Hariri returns home in the coming days to a country in which friend
Saad al-Hariri also hinted that he could take back his resignation.
President Michel Aoun told foreign ambassadors that Hariri, who resigned suddenly while in Saudi Arabia a week ago, had been “kidnapped."
France became the first Western country to indicate that Saudi Arabia was holding Hariri against his will.
Saad al-Hariri said he believed there was an assassination plot against him.
Activists are hopeful that other countries will follow Lebanon, Jordan and Tunisia in abolishing the laws that let rapists