The shipwreck was the latest tragedy in this part of the Mediterranean Sea, a key but dangerous route for migrants seeking a better life in Europe.
Thousands of Libyans have lost family members, friends and neighbors in the devastating floods that engulfed the country's east.
Officials are concerned about water contamination and lack of sanitation after two dams collapsed during Mediterranean storm Daniel, killing up to 11,000.
“When people meet each other, they meet each other with condolences. The first question they asked is not who died, but who survived.”
Libya's general prosecutor said that prosecutors would investigate the collapse of the two dams, which were built in the 1970s, as well as the allocation of maintenance funds.
Teams have buried bodies in mass graves outside the city and in nearby towns, Eastern Libya’s health minister, Othman Abduljaleel, said.
The Libyan Red Crescent said 10,100 people also remain missing.
"Wherever you go, you find dead men, women, and children,” an aid worker said.
Floodwaters broke through dams in the eastern city of Derna, washing away entire neighborhoods. The current death toll was estimated at 2,300.
National security adviser Jake Sullivan acknowledged the president's gaffe hours later but not before it drew scrutiny from some viewers.