Lisa Murkowski

"Do we have something to do around here other than watch a stupid porn trial?" Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski asked on Tuesday.
“I wish that as Republicans, we had … a nominee that I could get behind."
The Alaska Republican urged voters to not give up on former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s candidacy.
"America needs someone with the right values, vigor, and judgment to serve as our next President," the Alaska Republican senator said Friday.
The Alaska senator slammed the former president and 2024 candidate over "hateful" comments he made this weekend about migrants.
Moderates in both the House and Senate have questions about the evidence against Biden.
She was one of just seven GOP senators with the guts to hold the ex-president accountable for inciting an insurrection. She’s the only one talking about it now.
The Alaska Republican voted along with her colleagues to confirm federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk. She now says she "probably" wouldn't support him.
The Alaska Republican called Trump's suggestion to rip up portions of the Constitution "an affront to our Republic."
The three-term senator, one of few moderates in the chamber, fended off a challenge from Donald Trump's endorsed candidate, Kelly Tshibaka.