Lisa Murkowski

The president said he will respect Cain's wishes and not nominate him for the role.
Three GOP senators — Utah’s Mitt Romney, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and North Dakota’s Kevin Cramer — told AP they’d likely vote against Cain.
New legislation puts a spotlight on the invisible crisis of murdered, missing and trafficked indigenous women.
The bill establishes four new national monuments and permanently reauthorizes the popular Land and Water Conservation Fund.
The Alaska senator defied her party by opposing Brett Kavanaugh and Obamacare repeal. She has zero regrets.
Indigenous women are disappearing and being killed. Savanna's Act would help to bring them some justice.
Rep. Bob Goodlatte tanked Savanna's Act this year. But he won't be here in the new Congress -- and Murkowski will.
Some Republicans refuse to let go of tough-on-crime politics.
Native women and girls disappear in life, data and the media, a new report argues.
Lisa Murkowski stepped back from her party and a toxic fight over Brett Kavanaugh to ask a simple question: "Where’s the public confidence?"
Moira Smith traveled to Washington from Alaska to join the failed effort to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.
The vote was about something much bigger than judicial philosophy. It was about whether women can be believed.
The Alaska moderate was one of the last undecided senators in the bitterly contested confirmation fight.
If either Susan Collins or Joe Manchin votes yes, the judge will be confirmed to the Supreme Court.
Sens. Susan Collins and Jeff Flake are among those who haven't said how they'll vote on the Supreme Court nominee.
Sen. Susan Collins called the investigation "very thorough."
“This country is being ripped apart here, and we’ve got to make sure we do due diligence,” Flake told the Senate Judiciary Committee.
So why haven't Sens. Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski stepped up?
The GOP senator is considered a crucial swing vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (I) and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott (D) announced their opposition to the Supreme Court nominee.