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London Whale And The Small Fish | Infographics As usual, it does not pay to be one of the little guys in banking. Ironically
Many incoming GOP lawmakers have hired registered lobbyists as senior aides. Several of the candidates won with strong support
Former SEIU head Andy Stern has gone from leading one of the nation's largest unions to working on behalf of organized labor's
More than 300 former members of the House and Senate have made the decision to "go downtown," according to the Center for
WATCH Part 2 below: Republicans, he opined, should be more aggressive in repealing the "Obama agenda." He said that, should
"For every success story, there's a failure story which isn't being told," said Fleischer. "Private equity has done a reasonably
When asked how Coons could possibly retire comfortably after a long Senate career if he couldn't become a lobbyist, the candidate
Sunlight provides some examples of how it works. Pop the URL of, say, this Politico article, "Senate Democrats punt on spill
The House unanimously passed a bill this week to create a task force within the Justice Department to crack down on lobbyists
"I love the Chamber of Commerce," said McCain with a huge smile. (The chamber's headquarters are downtown, but anyone who
"The DISCLOSE Act prevents foreign-owned companies from doing that and that's one reason it should pass," said Nyhart. "But
A long-shot proposal to ban former members of Congress from K Street for life won a cosponsor on Monday in Montana Democrat
On Wednesday, CRP and OMBWatch retracted their finding: The wave of deregistrations probably has more to do with 2007's Honest
The financial regulatory reform bill currently wending its way through Congress incorporated a reform of the derivatives
Indeed, two lobbyists heard Obama's rhetoric and decided it would be better to ditch the Scarlet L and start a new "non-lobbying
Federal and state officials are susceptible to this pressure. Projects for new and wider highways feature high-profile launches
On a recent Friday night, a couple hundred influentials gathered for a Mardi Gras-themed birthday party for Betsy Fischer
"Upon leaving Congress, I will not accept employment or a leadership position for two years with any business that lobbies
Financial services industry lobbyists are combing Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd's Wall Street reform bill
"It was the rebirth of the beverage alcohol industry that helped lead us out of the Great Depression," Wolf said during the