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All of these people, aside from Dimon, have left their jobs at the bank. Some of them have personally lost millions of dollars
Anyway, as you may have suspected, nothing much has changed around here -- thanks for asking! [Would you like to follow me
Savings from cuts the panel recommends to social programs could be used to fund defense and homeland security spending, which
There has been some speculation that Dodd could take a job with the Obama administration. It's a bold pledge -- surprisingly
WATCH Part 1 below: "Many lobbyists are friends of mine," DeLay said. But when Ross later pressed on any lessons learned
The Private Equity Council refuses to comment on its lobbying, but says "what has become clear is that more and more independent
"I wonder how his tune is going to change after 12 years in the seat," said Wenhold. "We make very easy scapegoats for people
So, if you are a fan of transparency, or quality journalism, or not being lied to all the time by a network of politicians
The Secretary of the Senate has referred 8,729 possible violations of the Lobbying Disclosure Act to the D.C. U.S. Attorney's
"They helped kill McCain-Feingold," said Fang, referring to the 2002 campaign finance reform law championed by McCain that