A napkin signed by the soccer superstar at age 13 became an agreement in principle to sign with Barcelona, starting his professional career.
A 36-year-old man was arrested near the Hainault underground station following the incident, which is not believed to be terror-related, authorities said.
Two of the horses underwent operations and one was transferred to an equine hospital, the British Army said.
Spooked horses smashed the window of a taxi near Buckingham Palace and damaged the windscreen of a parked double-decker tour bus.
Ed Gamble's poster for his upcoming show was allowed to be posted in London subway stations once the offending weiner was replaced with a cucumber.
“The government should stop prosecuting peaceful protesters, and instead find ways to tackle the climate crisis," defense attorney Raj Chada said.
Dru Marshall, 26, claimed he was a senior footman at Windsor Castle and that the proceeds from the sale of the “antler walking stick” would go to cancer research.
Nigella Lawson, Hugh Jackman and Jamie Oliver were among those paying tribute to the restaurateur known as the King of Breakfast.
London police say they have arrested a man suspected of stealing a Banksy artwork of a stop sign decorated with military drones.
The elusive artist's recent work was taken down less than an hour after he confirmed its installation.