The Madame Tussauds outlet said the president's makeover aims “to reflect his potential 2021 wardrobe” after losing to Joe Biden.
"It's time to get back to building bridges, not walls," London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted.
The owners of curry houses in London's Brick Lane, Birmingham's Balti Triangle, and Preston speak frankly about their prospects for the future.
The piece features the artist's signature rats, lots of pale-green spray paint, and a hazmat suit.
British media personality Sam Darlaston went viral when he documented his bugged-out family on Twitter.
The singer appeared during a virtual memorial service on the third anniversary of the London fire that claimed the lives of 72 people.
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in London, Berlin and Copenhagen over the weekend, chanting "Black lives matter" and "say his name."
Paul Insect's brightly painted street benches honor the workers "who have kept England running" during the coronavirus pandemic.
London ticket office worker Belly Mujinga died two weeks after she was spat at and coughed on by a man who claimed he had COVID-19.
The coronavirus has the opportunity to impact the travel industry for years to come.