The demonstration was peaceful after a week of debate over whether to permit the event on Remembrance Day.
Gatwick Airport will operate a daily 800-flight limit, partly because of an outbreak of COVID-19 within air traffic control.
A Metropolitan Police marksman was charged Wednesday over the September 2022 death of Chris Kaba, 24.
Ports and airports were placed on alert after former soldier Daniel Abed Khalife slipped out of London’s medium-security Wandsworth Prison.
You don't have to be a "Ted Lasso" fan to enjoy the charming town of Richmond in southwest London.
An aspiring actor, testifying in London, called the Oscar winner a "vile sexual predator" who drugged and assaulted him when he sought his mentorship in 2008.
A puzzled Azarenka was left bemused and shaking her head as she struggled to understand why the crowd had suddenly turned hostile on her.
“I knew they couldn’t deport me because I’m British,” said the performer, who was indeed born in London.
“It was terrible,” the “Kill Bill” crooner said of her former flame’s infidelity while performing on stage.
Maybe it's cheesy, but watching this moment unfold is unbrieliveable.