Loretta Lynch

The former FBI director and Loretta Lynch received subpoenas before Thanksgiving to testify on Capitol Hill.
Referring to black history, the former attorney general said it's "incumbent upon us" to tell "our story."
Former FBI Director James Comey said he went public about Hillary Clinton's emails after news of Bill Clinton's meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
"That was the thing that capped it for me that I had to do something separately," said Comey.
The twisted tale of a dubious document leaves more questions than answers.
The article fails to indicate that it has been changed from the original.
In Annapolis last spring I saw two young men from the Naval Academy holding hands. Our integration into military culture
The most significant change addresses perhaps the most important element of the prisoner rehabilitation process: education
The attorney general sounded off on Trump with Rachel Maddow.
Lynch's statement comes after a reported spike in hate crimes following the election.
Having binge-watched the news coverage of this cycle on MSNBC and CNN for the last 15 months and after reading a host of other web news sources this is my analysis of what happened in two words.