Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James opened up for the first time since the basketball legend’s death in an emotional post on Instagram.
Basketball star LeBron James just opened up a public school in his hometown to help Akron’s at-risk youth grow academically and emotionally.
The "Winning Time" star told Jimmy Kimmel about the time the late Hall of Famer won over a studio chief on the court.
The nearly 37-year-old superstar made a "superhuman" block in the Lakers' victory over the Mavericks.
The Los Angeles Lakers player's suspension for an incident at Sunday's game is the first in his 19-year career, which includes four NBA titles with three teams.
The name change of the Los Angeles arena takes effect on Christmas Day after a $700 million deal.
A spectator got fans buzzing about his resemblance to the Lakers star.
Soon everyone entering bars, restaurants, nail salons and gyms will need to show proof of vaccination.
The Suns forward left the court quickly to celebrate Phoenix's victory over LA in the NBA playoffs' first round.
The Los Angeles Lakers superstar headed to the locker room several minutes before the end of the NBA playoff game with the Phoenix Suns.