Blanco was Louisiana's first elected female governor.
The Keanussaince continued while the actor was shooting "Bill & Ted Face The Music" in Louisiana.
The Louisianian did not hide his disdain for the lawmakers known as "the Squad."
The storm weakened to a tropical depression as it swept inland through Gulf Coast states on Sunday, sparing New Orleans but threatening floods to other areas.
New Orleans was spared the worst effects of the storm that weakened from hurricane status.
The storm, which will be a stress test on New Orleans' levees, was previously dubbed a hurricane.
The strengthening storm is expected to blow ashore early Saturday near Morgan City as the first hurricane of the season.
The slow-moving storm could bring up to 25 inches of rain to some parts of the South, and it may become a hurricane as early as Friday.
“There are three ways that Louisiana can flood: storm surge, high rivers and rain,” Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said. “We’re going to have all three.”
A slow-moving flood of polluted Mississippi River water is causing serious damage to Gulf species, and a major storm threatens to make it worse.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned that there could be “a considerable amount of overtopping” of levees.
In this Louisiana parish, residents are already surrounded by industrial plants and factories. They’re desperate to stop a new plastic company.
Over a quarter of low-income women in Louisiana who wanted an abortion didn’t get one because Medicaid didn't cover the procedure, research finds.
About 98 percent of the stranded dolphins have died.
Holden Matthews allegedly set fire to three historically black churches in and around Opelousas this past spring.
The eight-foot gator has, so far, escaped Louisiana authorities.
Shaderick Jones allegedly filmed the rape of the child while in uniform, St. Gabriel Police Chief Kevin Ambeau said.
Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, who just signed a harsh anti-abortion law, is holding a fundraiser for Jim Hood, a Mississippi gubernatorial candidate.
"Definitely NACHO problem," one citizen told the police in Slidell after the report of a taco shell shortage.
A bill had sought to establish 16 as the minimum legal age of marriage in Louisiana. But lawmakers in the state House shut it down.