Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has continued a program to send migrants to Democratic cities despite sharp criticism from human rights groups.
The 19.2-inch (49 cm) female slithered out of its shell and into the history books as one of a few known leucistic alligators, Gatorland Orlando said Thursday.
The House speaker is known for his work as a Christian-right operative. This is how he became the "legal go-to guy" to put creationism into public schools.
The Republican candidate for Caddo Parish Sheriff is now demanding a recount.
America recently learned that newly crowned House Speaker Mike Johnson has a Black son — or does he?
The combination of smoke from marsh fires and dense morning fog caused the crashes, authorities said Monday.
Contrary to the state's promises, the kids were held in solitary confinement for days at a time, punished with pepper spray and denied access to educational and rehabilitative services.
The pearl darter will once again swim in its historic range in the Pearl River of Mississippi and Louisiana.
A flyer circulating on Facebook advertised a drawing for a semi-automatic rifle to support victims of domestic violence.
Authorities allege Hannah Landon beat and strangled Bella Fontenelle, stuffed her body in a bucket and wheeled it to her mom’s house on a wagon.