The iconic comic has been around for nearly 70 years.
Amid backlash on social media, the magazine's editor-in-chief defended the piece in a follow-up article.
Editor-in-Chief Will Welch took the helm amid larger upheavals within the magazine's parent company, Condé Nast.
“I’ve stayed the same throughout. It’s just people’s perception of you changes.”
The groundbreaking platform exists to highlight Asian voices, not just include them.
Fred Meyer, which is owned by Kroger, said it will also phase out all guns and ammunition sales.
"Why does every attempt at female empowerment and safety-seeking get equated with castrating or otherwise 'harming' men?"
The magazine reaches an audience of over 65 million people.
Thornbury Castle, watercolor on paper I always look forward to painting on site (despite all the inconveniences and distractions
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but Girl Code seems to be something of a recent label. It's something that is often talked about amongst girls, a set of unwritten rules that females should adhere to, in respect of their fellow woman.
During the iconic cover girl era of the Naomi's, Tyra's and Cindy's, supermodels seemed untouchable. Only a select few with the right bone structure and symmetrical smile could ever have the chance to see themselves reflected in mainstream outlets. I never thought I'd be in their place one day.
At a very young age Sami got the camera bug and began shooting photos of everything she saw. Many photos were really creative and she was way ahead of her time. Photos of fashion and friends were her forte at the time. She would bring friends over and dress them up and shoot various looks and styles. For her this was practical application and the best way to learn.
Girls' Life and Boys' Life accidentally started a very important conversation.