Many felt betrayed by the senator, and they’re taking action ahead of next year’s election.
The measures expand who can provide abortions and when insurance must cover the procedure. Anti-abortion groups failed in a bid to repeal them.
The process, which allows voters to rank multiple candidates, will be in effect for the 2020 general election, but not the primary.
Migrant workers face a number of challenges as the industry turns to mechanization and faces fluctuating weather patterns.
Sen. Susan Collins told Politico that she is “sad” that her support for Brett Kavanaugh could cost her votes in her upcoming election.
The Maine senator's path to reelection may not be smooth sailing after she helped to secure the controversial Supreme Court justice's confirmation.
Traffic backed up as the seemingly neverending queue of more than 40 ducks just kept coming.
Prior to the latest attack, a judge cut Albert Flick’s suggested jail time in half, saying his old age made him harmless.
The floofy critter had baffled staff at Maine's Seashore Trolley Museum.
Maine's House speaker raked in over $1 million in 10 days as part of her campaign to unseat the Republican senator.
NextGen America, which works to turn out young voters, is making the Maine Republican a top target for 2020.
Some Democrats hope Collins' long-held seat in Maine will be vulnerable in 2020 after her vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
The 2018 midterm election’s blue wave made a splash at more than just the federal level.
Bre Kidman, a criminal defense attorney, is running in Maine’s 2020 Senate race -- and “flipping the bird to the notion of electability” along the way.
The DSCC, EMILY’s List and NARAL are supporting Gideon, Maine's House speaker, in the race to unseat Sen. Susan Collins.
Maine's House speaker signaled a potential bid in October after Collins, the state's GOP senator, voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.
“Two software engineers, a college professor, a lawyer, and a U.S. Senator — what could possibly go wrong?" he asked.
The GOP senator faces intense backlash from state Democrats and abortion rights activists over her vote for Brett Kavanaugh.
The option applies to patients with a prognosis of no more than six months.
The Maine Republican says she's pro-choice, but she's voted to confirm dozens of judges who have signaled their opposition to abortion rights.