Carlson was spotted carrying an ax and reportedly was working with a crew to make repairs at the site of his Maine home studio last week.
Denver, Austin and Nashville are hugely popular destinations, but consider these other state capitals for your next trip.
A Maine man who the delivery was addressed to was arrested after he showed up inquiring about the shipment, police said.
Police say a man confessed to killing four people, including his parents, and then firing on motorists on Interstate 295, just days after being released from prison.
State police in Maine say four people were fatally shot in a home shortly before gunfire broke out on a busy highway about 25 miles away, wounding three.
Officials at the National Labor Relations Board had accused the burrito chain of closing the workers' store because of a unionization effort.
A vegan whose custom license plate contains the word “tofu” is one of the motorists caught in a state crackdown on vulgar license plates.
Other wild winter weather in the Northeast included sea smoke and steam devils.
Temperatures across the region plummeted to double-digit negatives, with extreme wind chills making things feel even colder.
Environmentalists warn that the measure, which blocks stricter rules meant to protect right whales, could doom the species.