Make America Great Again

A week after his SNL appearance, Kanye West decided to delete his Twitter and Instagram account.
“This is about a lot more than abortion,” Biden warned while speaking about the leaked Supreme Court draft that would overturn Roe v. Wade.
President Joe Biden called MAGA “the most extreme political organization” in recent U.S. history.
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy revealed the strange room former President Donald Trump had right next to the Oval Office.
In shocking scenes, insurrectionists stormed Congress in protest of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.
On Bari Weiss’ podcast, Kim Kardashian talked about ex-husband Kanye West’s “Make America Great Again” hat.
Money raised for Trump ends up in his own pockets — again.
A caller on the phone with the president and first lady ended the chat by uttering the veiled expletive used by conservatives.
“I didn’t want him to wear the red hat. I’m not really a rule-breaker, so my personality would be like, ‘OK, you guys don’t like the red hat? I’ll take it off,’” she said.
"Spreading fake news to ask for money is commercial speech, and courts enforce laws criminalizing fraud,” warned Richard Painter.