Make America Great Again

In the music video, the Republican sits in a throne while rapper Forgiato Blow calls her "a Southern belle" who is "a little hood."
The Donald Trump supporter was “being completely honest in that moment," said "The Daily Show" correspondent.
When the FBI showed up at the door of his North Carolina home last month, Williams told one of the agents, “I’m going to take you out,” the complaint states.
The president urged Americans to vote to defend democracy in next week's midterm elections, decrying the recent attack on Paul Pelosi.
A former White House ethics lawyer attacked Sidney Powell’s scheme to raise millions from MAGA supporters using Donald Trump’s 2020 election lies.
"How is this a thing?" the late-night host asked.
"The Late Late Show" host got snarky with Donald Trump's far-right following.
President Joe Biden is sounding an alarm about what he views as extremist threats to the nation’s democracy from the restive forces of Trumpism.
The Fox News host made an outlandish claim to respond to the president's "semi-fascism" remark about the MAGA movement.