Manatees Romeo and Juliet are swimming with new pals after being transferred out of an aquarium where Romeo spent months alone in a pool.
Hugh, the manatee, died from a 14.5-centimeter rip in his colon caused by a sexual encounter with another male Manatee, Buffett, who is also his brother.
The seagrass meadows that manatees eat have been disappearing due to widespread water pollution.
"I spent three hours in awe watching these huge creatures sleep, eat and play."
A formerly ailing manatee named TexasTeeMiguel flew in a special manatee container and was misted regularly throughout the flight to his new home.
Last year, a record number of manatees died mainly from a lack of seagrass food, which was decimated by water pollution.
Normally giving food to wild animals is considered off limits.
The sea cows are starving as the seagrass they depend on dies from pollution and extreme weather.
Actor Dave Bautista wants to find the "low life scummy MAGATS that did this."
An adorable baby manatee, a burning rainforest and Hong Kong protests round out this week's best images.