Marco Rubio

"They're like desperate parents whose kids figured out there's no monster who will get them at night if they don't brush their teeth."
Florida senator forgot the extortion part of Donald Trump's impeachment, Rachel Vindman reminded him.
The Florida congresswoman said she's running because of two words: "Never tire."
One joker wondered if the Florida senator meant to post a Mad Lib.
Rubio's reelection could hinge on whether Florida Republicans love Trump more than Florida Democrats hate him.
The congresswoman had been weighing whether to run for the Florida governorship or a seat in the Senate.
The senator said in a fundraising email that he “was lucky enough to be one of his first posts,” referring to the former president’s new “communications platform.”
"The ReidOut" supercut lays bare the “lovefest” between the “Republican castrati” and “their beautiful leader."
Prominent Republicans lavish praise on Donald Trump -- just weeks after denouncing him -- in the scathing CNN montage.
A GOP group took out an attack ad against Sen. Marco Rubio for his phony relationship with Donald Trump after the former president endorsed Rubio’s reelection.