Marion Barry

A fellow politician reflects on Ford's political career, which has always defied critics and expectations.
The life of Marion Barry Jr. so eerily parallels the HBCU narrative, so closely resembles the tragedy and triumph of our institutions and culture, that his death almost feels like the precursor to our own culture wake.
According to Barry, even those he thought would stick by him all but abandoned him after the scandal. "Your friends leave
Read more on Barry's life here. Acknowledging his "at times tumultuous" public life, Obama praised Barry for his civil rights
WASHINGTON -- Less than 20 minutes after it began, the first hearing in more than 20 years on D.C. statehood became contentious
The accident occurred around 9:15 p.m. local time, the D.C. Police Department said. The former mayor and current city councilman
"The FBI told me 'You're under arrest,' or something like that." WASHINGTON - On Friday evening, Marion Barry sat with a
Despite the claim to being America's fittest city, the District still has major health problems to address like our obesity rate and health disparities across social and economic groups.
The FBI and D.C. police arrested Barry on cocaine charges in January 1990 at a hotel where he'd been set up by an informant
This past Sunday, WaPo ran an op-ed, asking whether "a little corruption should matter to voters." The most logical explanation for this reaction is the low expectations that most Americans already have for their public (and especially, elected) officials -- a streak that is as American as apple pie.
We decided it was time to coin a new political term. We'll repeat the definition we gave it, back in May. Wedgie: When a political party's "wedge" issue turns on them and instead of dividing the other party, begins to divide their own.
20. Mark Nadeau (R) -- Nadeu resigned as mayor of Cobleskill, N.Y., in 2010 after a tape emerged showing him using the n
Sommer then goes another step further -- how many steps are we up to now? -- giving three excellent pieces of advice for
The Post reports the bill to decriminalize marijuana in D.C. could be introduced by summer. Fifteen states have passed laws
D.C. can easily cover the sequester cuts, given the $400 million budget surplus it announced earlier this year. The outstanding question, however, is whether or not Mayor Vince Gray will be an advocate for this city's growing poor population.
If following the politician on social media won't satisfy your Barry craving, you can buy his old Hillcrest house. The sometimes
On the site, an enthusiastic real estate agent pitches the house, sounding a lot like Effi (if mistakenly writing Hillcrest
It's time to give Washington, D.C. residents the same rights and responsibilities we've given to other Americans -- governmental autonomy and representation in Congress. It's time for D.C. statehood.
But the National Kidney Foundation supports tax breaks for organ donors, having put the living donor tax credit on its list