Mark Sanford

"Warriors stand and fight for what they believe," wrote three of the president's Republican challengers.
The president called the Federal Reserve Board members "boneheads" as he pushed for a rate cut that would put money in his own pocket.
The president's attempted dig at Republican rival Mark Sanford got roasted on "Late Night."
"I’m not looking to give them any credibility," the president told reporters of his fellow Republicans Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh and Bill Weld.
The former South Carolina governor is the third Republican to announce a bid against President Donald Trump.
The South Carolinian said his bid would focus on the growing federal debt and deficit, issues he says are being largely ignored.
"This is a brazen effort to boost sales by the American Egg Board."
The "Late Night" host rips the president for his "bizarre rant" about the Tallahassee trail at a rally in Ohio.
The state lawmaker who defeated Rep. Mark Sanford in this month's GOP primary was in a car hit by a wrong-way driver.
The GOP congressman fell to state Rep. Katie Arrington, who attacked him for his frequent criticisms of the president.
"Mark Sanford has been very unhelpful to me," Trump tweeted in turning against the South Carolina lawmaker.
Any oil and gas development “stands to disrupt this fragile, critically important landscape,” the lawmakers wrote last month.
Some House GOP members would rather have the scaled-down Obamacare repeal bill than nothing.
Multiple GOP lawmakers said they've thought about attacking reporters themselves from time to time.
South Carolina's Mark Sanford said debate has to be based on "real numbers," not the Trump budget's "Goldilocks" projections.
And there's a long list of members who appear opposed to the bill.