English teacher Staci Lamb transformed the drab space into something positively spellbinding.
Those injured in the shooting are between the ages of 18 and 20, authorities said.
“I want him to come and look at my entire city. I’ll ride with him for hours if he asked to,” the Maryland congressman said of the president.
The Maryland Democrat said his constituents are "scared" of the president.
The challengers argued the huge Christian cross in Maryland defies the First Amendment's ban on establishing religion.
Hotel staff reportedly discovered the bodies of Edward Holmes and Cynthia Day after they missed their checkout time.
The Republican had said in April he was giving "serious consideration" to a primary run.
Colorado's secretary of state and Maryland's comptroller banned their employees from traveling to Alabama and called for wider divestments.
Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defends his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, calling James Comey a “partisan pundit.”
Seven kids were stuck in a car with the windows rolled up while a woman shopped at a Maryland mall, authorities say.
Maryland officials believe a banned pesticide led to the deaths of multiple eagles and a great horned owl.
By uniting behind Adrienne Jones, the state’s Democrats avoided letting the GOP decide its next leader.
The state has Democratic supermajorities, but the leading liberal candidate may get boxed out.
The shooting happened during several Sunday events on a Baltimore street. At least 7 others were injured.
One couple drove an hour just to see “Us” at the NextAct Cinema, co-founder Robert Wright said.
The Maryland media company published a newspaper the morning after a gunman killed five of its staffers.
“There is no plausible explanation other than racial bias," said an attorney representing Rashad James.
The bill would increase the state’s minimum wage from the current $10.10 per hour to $15 by 2025 for companies with 15 or more workers.
"We have a duty to future generations to clean up the mess that has been made," said a sponsor of the bill now awaiting the governor's signature.