Mass Shootings

White Sox pitcher says "something needs to change" after mass shooting at Fourth of July parade outside Chicago.
"The only reason you’re celebrating Independence Day is because citizens were armed," the NRA tweeted. Unless you've been killed by an armed citizen.
Independence Day celebrations in the United States have been rattled by a shooting that left at least six people dead at a parade in Illinois.
Six people were killed and dozens were injured when 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo III opened fire at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park near Chicago.
Police have arrested 22-year-old Robert Crimo as a person of interest in the shooting.
Angeli Rose Gomez criticized officers for not immediately entering Robb Elementary School as a gunman killed children and teachers.
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said the grocery store is "completely different inside" since the shooting that left 10 dead in May.
Like in Uvalde? Parkland? Sandy Hook? Columbine? There have been 27 school shootings so far this year.
Organizers of Oslo Pride canceled a parade as one of the shootings happened outside a bar popular with the Norwegian capital's LGBTQ community.