Rep. Jake Auchincloss’ objection to a key element of Democrats' prescription drug bill shines a light on the pharmaceutical industry’s enduring influence on Capitol Hill.
The alleged shooter wrote about "the superiority of the white race. About whites being ‘apex predators,’" the district attorney said. "He drew swastikas.”
According to a fundraiser for Jemil Evans, his friend had just received his license to carry and was excited to show him his new gun.
“All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black,” Michael Packard told the Cape Cod Times.
“I was in a hurry, on lunch break, and just scratched it real quick, and looked at it, and it didn’t look like a winner, so I handed it over to them to throw away,” Lea Rose Fiega said.
Once complete, Vineyard Wind will be the nation’s largest offshore wind farm, powering approximately 400,000 homes.
State Rep. Jack Lewis wants residents to vote for one of two dinosaur species discovered in Massachusetts.
"This is what they'll do when they win," one Twitter user quipped.
Alec Baldwin’s wife has long presented herself as being from Spain. But under pressure from a viral Twitter thread, she has made a few clarifications.
Some governors described the early PPE marketplace as the Wild West, where supplies simply went to the highest bidder.