Two discredited far-right conspiracy theorists were up to their old tricks. But she deftly dismissed them.
Gov. Charlie Baker ordered the ban as hundreds of cases of vaping-related lung illness and nine deaths have been reported nationwide.
The Democratic congressman would challenge Sen. Ed Markey in the primary election.
Richard Stallman speculated that Virginia Giuffre had an "entirely willing" sexual encounter with one of the school's professors.
The Democratic senator from Massachusetts, who partnered with the New York congresswoman on the Green New Deal, faces a potentially tough primary.
Markey faces a potentially stiff primary in Massachusetts, and the California lawmaker's support is a boost for him.
The Massachusetts representative will run for reelection and "will be campaigning my ass off for whoever wins our nomination in 2020."
Elizabeth Warren is the latest to endorse the creation of a federal licensing system.
My journey to accepting my daughter exactly as she is was long and hard but I’m a better mom ― and person ― because of it... and her.
Reeling in a striped bass turned scary and spectacular in Cape Cod Bay over the weekend.
L. Rafael Reif penned an open letter to the MIT community in support of his Chinese and Chinese American colleagues.
Summer camps have changed since they were first introduced in the 1880s as a way to get white boys away from the cities.
Prosecutors argued ICE was making immigrants wary of testifying or cooperating in court.
A teacher accused staffers at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts of racially profiling her students during a field trip.
Researchers at the Technical University of Munich and MIT found the virtual currency is responsible for the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as a large Western city.
But before any pilot program can actually move forward, Massachusetts legislators will have to amend state law.
The 57-year-old suspect also had 102 live rounds of ammo in the trunk of his car, according to authorities.
A rabbi reported two fires at his home in a Boston suburb. Nearby, a Chabad center was also targeted.
State District Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph and a court officer allegedly allowed the man to sneak out the courthouse back door.
“We’re saying that this dangerous, abusive behavior will not be tolerated,” a state lawmaker said of the discredited practice meant to change sexual orientation.