“It's insane to see the level of Islamophobia in these blue areas,” one of the candidates said.
Cara Rintala, accused of killing her wife Annamarie Cochrane Rintala in 2010 and splashing her body and crime scene in paint, is on trial for the fourth time in Massachusetts.
Speculation in the case of Karen Read and John O’Keefe prompted the prosecutor to condemn harassment and intimidation of witnesses based on “false narratives and accusations.”
The seizure is the latest in an investigation into a smuggling network involving objects looted from Bubon in Turkey and trafficked through Manhattan.
Gov. Maura Healey signed the school meals program into law Wednesday, adding to the growing number of states aiming to feed students.
James W. Clark demanded an Arizona election official's resignation, or else a bomb he'd supposedly planted would go off.
The Wright brothers had conducted their first airplane flight the year prior to when the overdue book was last in the Massachusetts library.
Hikers sounded the alarm after hearing Emma Tetewsky "screaming for help in a swamp-like area" in Borderland State Park.
A suspect is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in connection with the apparently random killings of the Boston-area family.
The bodies were found in a home in Newton when the couple failed to arrive at church Sunday morning, Massachusetts police said.