A medical examiner says a Massachusetts teen who participated in a spicy tortilla chip challenge died from ingesting a substance “with a high capsaicin concentration.”
The transplant team at Massachusetts General Hospital said in a statement it was deeply saddened by Richard “Rick” Slayman's passing and offered condolences to his family.
Jack Callahan was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Massachusetts following Scott Callahan's death in 2021.
The lawsuit accuses Dr. Derrick Todd of performing unnecessary pelvic floor therapy, breast examinations, testicular examinations and rectal examinations on patients.
Police said they found Chasity Nunez with "numerous gunshot wounds throughout her body" and her daughter in the passenger seat not breathing.
Both parties held their 2024 presidential primaries in the Bay State on Tuesday.
John Deaton says he was providing an “uncensored” look at his harrowing upbringing.
Conrad Mainwaring, a hurdler for Antigua and Barbuda in the 1976 Summer Olympics, pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually molesting young boys at a Massachusetts sports camp.
The DOJ charged eBay with stalking, witness tampering and obstruction of justice for a scheme by employees to intimidate a Massachusetts couple.
Aidan Timothy Kearney, known as "Turtleboy," has led a movement to "Free Karen Read," a woman accused of running over and killing her boyfriend, a Boston police officer.