Matt Sledge on Liberties

Prosecutors run amok, prisoners of profit and the spooks on the loose -- crank up your Instapaper, here is a non-exhaustive list of stories from 2013 that deserve another look.
For me the piece left lingering the question of how big a role John Brennan played in Obama's NSA evolution.
An intel lawyer (probably NSA, CIA or ODNI) claims tracking U.S. cellphone locations doesn't violate the Fourth Amendment. Weren't the Founding Fathers paranoiac revolutionaries who would have been scared out of their buckskin breeches by a government tracking our every move?
"I want them to feel like I'm a motherf------ terrorist," the brilliant plotter allegedly told an undercover cop (he pled
Andy Stepanian, a former CMU inmate, talks with Josh about being held under incredibly high restrictions, as well as how he thinks he was more of a criminal than more than two-thirds of the men that were there.
In New York, Tamerlan Tsarnaev's mosque quarrel and his sudden behavioral changes might well have been reported by concerned
The horse may be a little bit out of the barn on this one, but that isn't stopping Bill Thompson from taking a position on
"We have seen this movie before -- assurances that reform is on the way, only to see the Council substitute a half-measure
"The FBI has the authority to prohibit companies from talking about these requests," said Richard Salgado, legal director
According to the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Judge Evelyn Laporte dismissed the charges against all four after two days