Maxine Waters

An attorney for Anthony Comello said the man hoped to conduct citizen’s arrests of various figures, including Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.
House Democrats warned that, without oversight, the digital currency could quickly become "too big to fail.”
"No other bank would lend him money. We want to understand that relationship," the congresswoman tells Chris Hayes.
Freshmen Democrats want the party to exercise power. House leadership is still focused on good manners.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to mansplain Rep. Maxine Waters (D-C.A.) during a committee hearing. It didn’t go well for him.
The treasury secretary was clearly not prepared to deal with someone as savvy as the House Financial Services Committee chair.
CEO Timothy Sloan just told Congress that the massive, scandal-plagued bank "does well by doing right."
"Now is the time to demonstrate your patriotism," the California Democrat tweeted. "Support impeachment!"
The Democratic representative had much of the 116th Congress applauding after she called out her famous words.
Starting Thursday, the president will be forced to contend with Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and an onslaught of female politicians. He’s not equipped for it.
Mothers carried sobbing children away from tear gas fired by U.S. officers at the Mexican border.
"The president’s going to continue to fight back," the White House press secretary said when asked about the language Trump has used for his political enemies.
All three Democrats were sent suspicious packages in the mail this week.
The Fox News host sarcastically said Hillary Clinton was "singing a different tune" about civility after she was the intended recipient of a potential explosive device.
“They would like to intimidate us… but we should never stop the struggle and the fight for justice and equality in this country."
Hillary Clinton speaks in Florida after authorities intercepted bombs and other suspicious packages sent to Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, CNN’s New York headquarters and other prominent Democrats.
"The president is now inventing nonexistent domestic riots," notes the Washington correspondent for The Toronto Star.
False accusations put her staff at risk, the California Democrat said.
The congresswoman gets a standing ovation after bishop tells audience to let Auntie Maxine know: "We got your back."
A California prosecutor is suspended and under investigation for offensive social media posts.