Maxine Waters

Trump’s “negligence and lack of care for the American people is contemptible,” says the California congresswoman, who lost her older sister to the coronavirus.
It was "a matter of a couple of weeks and she was gone,” the California congresswoman told MSNBC's Chris Hayes.
The congresswoman from California dedicated the relief bill to her sibling during a speech on the House floor.
We must “foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect, traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ," Trump said before going off the rails again.
Omar Navarro, who has touted his support from Trump allies, appears to have a history of threatening and stalking women.
One congressman accused the Facebook CEO of "hiding behind the poorest people in the world."
The senator and congresswoman want to invest in more affordable housing ― a dire need in their home state of California.
Comedian Hasan Minhaj demanded action on the student debt crisis from the House Financial Services Committee.
An attorney for Anthony Comello said the man hoped to conduct citizen’s arrests of various figures, including Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff.
House Democrats warned that, without oversight, the digital currency could quickly become "too big to fail.”