Measles Outbreak

More than 90% of kids infected with measles in the Columbus area were unvaccinated, raising alarm as vaccination rates slip around the country.
Contradictory advice from the Union Health Ministry has undone years of work on India’s national immunisation programme, say experts and healthcare activists.
Measles has killed nearly three times as many people in Congo than an Ebola outbreak in the country that has garnered far more international attention.
Passengers infected with the highly contagious virus passed through both airports last week.
Health official says, travelers through the airport may have been exposed to the viral infection.
The World Health Organization says the rise of the vaccine-preventable disease is "an outrage."
"We're embarrassed. We're chagrined," one infectious disease expert said of the potential loss of status, 19 years after the disease was declared eliminated.
Health officials are attempting to locate anyone who may have been exposed to the virus or anyone showing symptoms.
The pressure from Prime Minister Boris Johnson follows U.S. lawmakers calling for accountability from tech giants over the spread of anti-vaccine propaganda.
The 43-year-old mother of three fell into a coma shortly after a flight from New York City to Tel Aviv.