Measles Vaccine

"We're embarrassed. We're chagrined," one infectious disease expert said of the potential loss of status, 19 years after the disease was declared eliminated.
The U.S. will lose its measles elimination status if the outbreaks continue, the CDC warns.
The U.S. may lose its elimination status if current trends continue, the CDC said.
Anti-vaxxers gathered to share warnings and conspiracy theories at events in New York. One doctor even suggested that Jews are given "bad" vaccines.
The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. jumped by 75 within a single week.
A new law won't grant exemptions for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine for personal or philosophical reasons.
Jens Spahn wants to crack down on those who don't protect their children and others against measles.
I'm still struck, 27 years later, that this disease could have easily killed me.
A doctor breaks down what you need to know about your immunization status and whether you need a booster or not.
The president previously implied there was a link between vaccines and autism.
A group of anonymous parents filed the lawsuit on Monday against local health officials over their new mandatory measles vaccination order.
Researchers examined all children born in Denmark from 1999 to 2010 ― a group of 657,461 children.
A Texas state representative recently claimed antibiotics make the measles vaccine unnecessary. But antibiotics treat bacterial infections, and measles is caused by a virus.
Hundreds of anti-vaxxers descended on Washington's capital amid the state's worst measles outbreak in decades.
As the Washington measles outbreak continues, parents of infants worry.
The measles outbreak is a perfect example of how parents put their own kids, and others, at risk.
Until the second half of the 20th century, the only way a child could become immune to infectious diseases like whooping cough or measles was to actually get the disease and survive it. Too often, however, infection led to tragic, premature death.
The Disneyland case illustrates both the fast spread of this virus and the urgent need for public health policies that can help boost vaccination rates and eradicate this disease once and for all.
But not all animals got sick. Thus far, there have been less than around 200 deaths. Importantly, we should be careful to
Measles is a serious and highly contagious disease, but, fortunately, we can prevent it with immunizations. I understand that some parents are concerned about vaccines. The evidence about the MMR vaccine's safety and benefits is strong and consistent. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions I get...