He did not name the person but she will be starting in about six weeks.
The Duke of Sussex will be the first senior royal since the 19th century to head to the witness box.
By failing to remind our audience what Trump did each and every time we mention him, journalists normalize his attempt to end American democracy on that January day.
The fallen Fox News star had some harsh words for one of the right-wing network's biggest projects.
The 24-year-old senior video producer watches “conservatives for work but makes fun of them for pleasure.”
The anchor was angry to learn some of his crass messages wouldn't see the light of day, according to The Wall Street Journal.
“We’re not talking about him,” former colleague Sean Hannity said in one of the two very brief mentions of Carlson’s name on Fox News on Monday night.
Organizations around the world were left scrambling to figure out a way to show trustworthiness and avoid impersonators.
The Twitter CEO did not condemn Scott Adams' remarks about Black people and instead tweeted and retweeted content that appeared to support what Adams said.