Grammy-winning country singer Kacey Musgraves and singer-songwriter Ruston Kelly were married in 2017.
The pop star sings "Apologize To My Infant" on "The Tonight Show" and her career will never be the same.
The Tennessean and its parent company, Gannett, fired an advertising manager for approving the full-page, anti-Muslim ad for publication.
"We may label tweets containing synthetic and manipulated media to help people understand their authenticity," Twitter said.
Sources say Barbara Fedida, a powerful ABC News executive, has an extensive history of insensitive comments. She's now been placed on administrative leave while the network investigates.
Social media is a tool, not a tactic, in the fight for equality and justice.
Our editors have picked some of your most thought-provoking comments from last week’s top stories.
The publication has long faced controversies surrounding its cultural appropriation of food trends and glaringly white staff.
Bennet admitted he did not read a widely excoriated column by Sen. Tom Cotton that advocated for military action against protesters before publishing it.
More than 30 employees of color have called out sick to send management a message about racism.