Media Bias

The 2020 Democratic candidate said he was trying to point out media bias against candidates based on gender.
"You want to play those games? Have a nice day," Beck told Brian Stelter, CNN's senior media correspondent.
The local TV news giant is making no effort to conceal its conservative bias.
The script trashes the national media for "fake stories" and bias -- favorite themes of the press-bashing president.
“Not a single network -- not ABC, NBC, CBS -- devoted one second to these claims. It’s appalling.”
The Fox News hosts broke British impartiality rules, the country's media regulator said.
When people say they don't want 'biased' news, they mean they don't want an opinion they disagree with.
Whenever something major happens, all the experts come out of the woodwork. When a child falls into a gorilla exhibit at
Female candidates are often asked whether they can "juggle" their political responsibilities with their role as a mother
The free press will continue. The question, as Jefferson rightly posed it, is whether we receive this information and are