He recognizes that investing in the "care economy" can lift incomes and unleash productivity, just like traditional infrastructure projects do.
The Hyde Amendment denies insurance coverage for abortions to people who receive their health coverage through government-sponsored plans like Medicaid.
The policy resulted in major coverage losses in the one state that implemented it.
Newly unemployed people may qualify for Medicaid, COBRA and subsidized insurance programs.
Missourians defied their state's Republican leaders by voting to allow more adults to enroll in Medicaid.
In Missouri, Alabama and elsewhere, the party has the upper hand on the issue.
The Medicaid expansion campaign is part of an activist movement to get around Republican leaders.
The Sooner State is the 38th jurisdiction to offer benefits to more adults under the Affordable Care Act.
An estimated 16.2 million people have lost health insurance once provided by their employer during the pandemic.
House Democrats blast the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for keeping workers at call centers during the pandemic.