“Medicare for All is about a relationship that all of us have to each other,” Warren told Ady Barkan.
Some providers are terrific, some are terrible. And regulators haven't kept up.
The Washington state couple left behind notes revealing that they could not afford their healthcare expenses.
Trying to prove his progressive chops, Delaney touted his universal health care plan that would allow people to keep their private insurance.
Ahead of the Democratic debates this week, new results suggest that centrist proposals are better aligned with voter preferences.
It's government-run insurance, but with a 10-year transition and a private alternative for those who want it.
Hospitals won a big round in the fight over surprise billing legislation. And it's just a hint of what they can do.
A new report projects the future under a leading alternative to "Medicare for All."
Joe Biden made some disingenuous charges this week, but Bernie Sanders left out a few things too.
"All the Medicare you have is gone," the former vice president told an AARP audience of what would happen under a "Medicare for All" plan.
The topic tripped up the 2020 Democrat earlier this year when she took several vague, seemingly contradictory positions. Thursday's debate wasn't much better.
In 2008, single-payer health care was a fringe idea. Now, its opponents are the ones who have to explain themselves.
They have some pretty important misconceptions, though the political implications aren't clear.
Passing "Medicare for All" would show we truly believe health care is a human right and that we all deserve to live with dignity.
The protests followed Wednesday morning’s first hearing on Medicare for All in the House Ways and Means Committee.
Employer health plans are popular, but their coverage is becoming less and less adequate.
This health care plan from two liberal Democrats is starting to get more attention.
Barkan's testimony was a highlight of the House hearing, which proved surprisingly substantive despite a clear partisan divide on the issue.
Ady Barkan, a health care activist dying of ALS, testified before the House Rules Committee in support of "Medicare for All."
Tuesday is a chance to start seeking answers about a single-payer health care system in America.