The president was making a speech in Joliet, Illinois, where he warned of GOP plans to dismantle programs like Social Security and Medicare.
There will be major debt limit drama next year if Republicans prevail in the midterm elections.
The historic increase is fueled by record high inflation that’s raised the cost of everyday living.
In a conversation with HuffPost, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-V.T.) his plans for cost-effective Medicare for all.
He's also out to gut Social Security and Medicare, the senator said in a takedown of her Wisconsin colleague just weeks before the midterms.
Some Medicare recipients spend more than $10,000 a year on lifesaving medication. That could change.
Medicare negotiations for lower prescription prices have become the cornerstone of a new domestic policy bill.
The narrow opinion for a unanimous court blocked a prescription drug reimbursement change without striking at the federal regulatory state.
The case for prescription drug reform may be even stronger than it was before.