Meet the Press

The former Republican National Committee chair just got hired by NBC News and made her debut.
Todd addressed “the elephant in the room" right after McDaniel made her debut as an NBC News contributor.
The "Meet the Press" moderator questioned New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu over his comments on Trump.
The South Carolina senator offered his two cents on the former president's recent rhetoric, which was widely condemned as echoing Adolf Hitler.
"It is not our position... to play real-time judge and jury on the question of any particular incident,” deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer said.
The "Meet the Press" moderator confronted Ron DeSantis over red flag laws after he dismissed how effective they'd be in the case of the Maine killings.
Still, the former House speaker said "there’s a very good chance" he would eventually back the ex-president in the 2024 GOP presidential primary.
The former president also said he "didn't even think about" going to jail amid his many indictments.
When asked whether the issue should be decided at the federal or the state level, the former president said: "I don’t frankly care.”
"Meet the Press" moderator Kristen Welker asked Trump to give "a little sense" of the letter that Biden described as "very generous."