Meghan McCain

The project is being produced by a team that includes Max Fose, a former campaign consultant for John McCain.
After calling late Sen. John McCain a "loser," Kari Lake wrote on X that she values Meghan McCain's family.
The late senator’s daughter said she wasn’t “aware” of the production, which is set to depict her father “inside the mind of Donald Trump.”
McCain criticized the former president for dishing out another attack at the late senator.
The conservative commentator criticized her former ABC talk show colleagues during a recent podcast appearance.
The talk show host buoyed herself with a martini on “Watch What Happens Live" before revealing what she thought about her former colleague's comments.
"This man is no icon, he has no wisdom I care to hear," the conservative commentator wrote following the rapper's antisemitic comments.
Goldberg recently discussed the daytime show's new work environment, over a year after McCain's departure.
The conservative personality slammed HBO Max's "Sex and the City" revival for being "wokeness superficially shoved down your throat" after its premiere.
The conservative pundit deleted the tweet following backlash.