Meghan McCain

The talk show host buoyed herself with a martini on “Watch What Happens Live" before revealing what she thought about her former colleague's comments.
"This man is no icon, he has no wisdom I care to hear," the conservative commentator wrote following the rapper's antisemitic comments.
Goldberg recently discussed the daytime show's new work environment, over a year after McCain's departure.
The conservative personality slammed HBO Max's "Sex and the City" revival for being "wokeness superficially shoved down your throat" after its premiere.
The conservative pundit deleted the tweet following backlash.
The conservative pundit ripped her one-time "uncle" in a blistering message to the media.
The former president was responding to McCain's criticism of him as she promotes her new memoir.
The “Watch What Happens Live” host hit the conservative personality with a question about hypocrisy as McCain promoted her new audio memoir.
McCain says she had postpartum anxiety and “Joy seemed to smell that vulnerability like a shark smells blood” in her new memoir, “Bad Republican.”