Meghan McCain

The cohost of "The View" also blasted the GOP's "sausagefest of MAGA up on Capitol Hill."
"I think we have a consequence culture, and that consequences are finally encompassing everybody in this society," the "Reading Rainbow" host explained.
The former House speaker said the president is a "good guy" who is just trying to “hold his party together” while the progressive and moderate factions battle.
Yes, McCain should lose her job to make "The View" better and more diverse, because her only talent is benefiting from nepotism, Cross snapped.
“We’ve only had one Asian American host co-host this show. Does that mean one of us should be leaving because there’s not enough representation?" she asked.
“The View” co-host was slammed by John Oliver on “Last Week Tonight” after she posted a “Stop Asian Hate” Instagram post.
"The View" co-host linked a campaign trail comment from the vice president to Republicans not wanting the vaccine.
"The View" co-host responded to some of Meghan Markle's troubling claims, saying she knows "what it feels like" to have a fraught relationship with the media.
McCain attacked Biden's "Neanderthal thinking" critique of ending mask mandates — yet previously defended Trump calling people "animals."