Meghan McCain

"The View" co-host and husband Ben Domenech welcomed daughter Liberty Sage McCain Domenech.
“Trump ... has to look like a normal, compassionate, empathetic human being,” McCain said. Co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar giggled.
"I do believe four more years of this division is wrecking the very soul of our country," the former Ohio governor said on "The View" Friday.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff told "The View" that she only started recording the first lady after being "accused of a crime" and "thrown under the bus."
"For me and my brothers who serve, we don’t feel respected," McCain said.
The "View" co-host said the president's communication style is actually "cruelty and indecency."
The president's niece said if she just wanted money she would have written her book 10 years ago, when "I would not have been taking the risk that I’m taking."
"The View’s" resident Republican predicts the president's insistence on making “stupid, undisciplined comments" will cost him the election.
“We have to acknowledge the authoritarian nature of Donald Trump,” Abrams told McCain on "The View."
"The View" co-host put it bluntly: “I think this is much ado about nothing."