Megyn Kelly

“The so-called Black National Anthem does not belong at the Super Bowl. We already have a National Anthem and it includes EVERYONE,” Kelly posted on X.
The star of Amazon's "The Boys" said she would no longer be active on Instagram following Kelly's "ironically misogynistic" commentary.
Megyn Kelly opened the floor for candidates to openly attack transgender youth on Wednesday night.
Kelly is set to moderate alongside NewsNation anchor Elizabeth Vargas, and Eliana Johnson, editor-in-chief of The Washington Free Beacon.
Neal Katyal said Trump's defenses aren't legal or factual, but they're "not unwise."
The conservative commentator revisited her old beef with the former president after interviewing him.
The former president thought he was speaking his truth, but some thought it sounded more like a confession.
Trump tried to take credit for the vaccine rollout, while simultaneously telling his base he wasn't proud of helping millions get their shots.