Melania Trump

The former first lady's rare public statement isn't going over very well.
Despite Donald Trump’s three criminal indictments, Melania Trump hasn’t joined her husband for any of his court appearances.
The former first lady hasn't joined Donald Trump for any of his court appearances related to his three criminal indictments.
The payments were revealed Thursday after Donald Trump filed new financial disclosure forms.
The former first lady talked about her husband's third run for the White House in an interview with Fox News Digital.
Laura Benanti zinged Donald Trump over and over again in her return to Stephen Colbert's show as the bogus former first lady.
Conway said she contacted Melania Trump on Jan. 6, 2021, to have her husband quell the growing mob — because Melania was the only person Trump feared.
He was "reveling" in how they were "fighting for him," testified former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham.
The former first lady's prediction didn't sit well with critics on Twitter.
“She doesn’t like being in the news. She certainly doesn’t like her name being attached to the rants and ravings of her husband,” said CNN's Kate Bennett.