Melania Trump

“I think people have to remember who Melania really is,” said Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.
Stephanie Grisham said it was an "absolutely" significant development for Donald Trump.
"The Late Show" host spotted an uncomfortable moment from the former president's criminal trial.
Melania Trump said her son was "honored to have been chosen as a delegate" but has "prior commitments."
Stormy Daniels testified that the former president told her he and his wife sleep in separate rooms.
The late night host delivers a special Mother's Day tribute to one of Donald Trump's sons.
Stephanie Grisham also predicted how the former first lady would have responded to her husband's courthouse stunt.
"It would be nice to be with her, but I’m at a courthouse for a rigged trial," the former president said of Melania Trump.
The former first lady broke her silence — but it wasn't with a message of support for her husband.
The former first lady reportedly shares Donald Trump's opinion that the case constitutes election interference.