Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The confrontation in a subway station happened the day after New York began imposing $50 fines for not wearing a mask on public transit.
Instead of dealing with Con Ed, Kate Ray took matters into her own hands, went to Duane Reade, and managed to get her ring back herself.
The first heavy snowfall of winter caught New York authorities off guard, and commuters were furious.
People with disabilities have to deal with overlooked flaws that are frankly insulting.
“You really don't realize how inaccessible the city is until you need it to be accessible for you.”
Alex Elegudin is tasked with making the outdated New York City transit network more accessible.
A transit source told HuffPost that the account attempts to respond to every tweet it receives.
Aggrieved rider James Michael Angelo later explained his "Can you not?" public transit moment.
I felt something gently brushing up against the left side of my behind each time the train lurked forward or swayed from
Just as quickly as everyone had crossed over to the next car, the door hurled open and this time, the man who was being confronted sped past us towards the front of the car. "He's got a gun," he said, his voice cracking.
A new promotion zeroes in on disgruntled commuters.
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For many low-income New Yorkers, choosing between a meal and a MetroCard, risking arrest for jumping a turnstile or missing work, are daily dilemmas.
But there are other, mostly positive things happening in New York that other cities across the country would be well-served
The governor hopes sleep apnea screenings will help combat drowsy driving.