The final victim of the building collapse in Florida has been identified, more than a month after the catastrophe that claimed 98 lives.
The sum includes $50 million in insurance on the Champlain Towers South building and at least $100 million in proceeds from the sale of the Surfside property.
Allyn Kilsheimer, who investigated building failures after Sept. 11, said he's "pissed off" that he has not been allowed access to the Florida scene.
Some of the bodies have not yet been identified, but officials believe only four individuals are still missing.
An engineer’s report recommended floors 16 and above at the Miami-Dade County Courthouse be closed to staff.
Binx had been unaccounted for since the night of the Jun. 24 disaster.
After two weeks of searching for survivors, the rescue effort at the condo collapse near Miami is now a recovery operation.
Emergency workers have spent the two weeks since Champlain Towers South's collapse in Surfside, Florida, looking for survivors.
No one has been rescued from the site since the first hours after the Miami-area building collapsed.
Officials said the number of confirmed missing stands at 70, but could be as high as 113 people missing in the rubble.