Florida’s Brightline rail service will start ferrying passengers at top speeds of 125 mph on Friday.
Lolita, an orca whale held captive for more than a half-century, has died at the Miami Seaquarium as caregivers prepared to move her from the theme park.
The vehicles may indicate the lake was a dumping ground for people committing crimes in the area years ago.
The spectator's epic run in a stadium chase didn't end so gloriously, however.
Florida's Mark Grenon and his sons had claimed that their Miracle Mineral Solution could treat everything from Alzheimer's to autism.
The newly revealed paragraphs reveal that surveillance cameras showed boxes being relocated in the days before FBI and Justice Department investigators visited Mar-A-Lago.
Miami Mayor Francis Suarez can apparently run a 5 km race, but people aren't sure he can run the country.
Ruben Montanez-Mirabal, 33, pleaded guilty in March to conspiring to receive bribes and to introducing prohibited objects into a federal prison.
The Miami New Times said a “knowledgeable source” claimed the former president left Versailles in Little Havana before anyone could order anything.
Suarez is the third Florida Republican to enter the 2024 race, after Gov. Ron DeSantis and indicted former President Donald Trump.