Michael Avenatti

The high-profile lawyer made famous for representing Stormy Daniels now faces more than four decades behind bars.
The disgraced lawyer was found guilty by a federal jury of trying to extort millions of dollars from Nike.
The attorney was arrested again on Tuesday for allegedly violating the conditions of his pretrial release in connection with a fraud case pending in Los Angeles.
The bar is seeking to put Avenatti, who separately faces federal criminal charges, on involuntary inactive status.
The lawyer said there was "nothing funny" about Pete Davidson's impression of him on "SNL."
The two struggled with a Trump-related answer on the first night of the Tournament of Champions final.
Attorney Michael Avenatti has been charged with diverting funds meant for his then-client Stormy Daniels into his own account.
The attorney allegedly attempted to defraud his client by convincing Daniels' literary agent to divert money from her book deal into his bank account.
Michael Keaton's "Julian Assange" boasts that he's the "scourge of the cleaning staff at the Ecuadorian embassy."
The attorney known for representing Stormy Daniels is caught up in a "tangled financial web of lies," federal agent Ryan Korner said Thursday.