Michael Bloomberg

At least 450 people have been sickened by mysterious illnesses after using vaping devices and a sixth person died this week.
Trump “cannot go and just shoot off his mouth and say anything," the former New York City mayor said.
The former New York City mayor shed some light on his decision not to run for president.
The former mayor of New York City said he's pursuing another kind of campaign.
"I think he would be a very good president," the Berkshire Hathaway CEO and chairman said of his fellow billionaire.
The former New York City mayor echoed an ally who said Howard Schultz’s presidential bid would be bad for Democrats.
"We’ve got Donald Trump and the 'Nightmare at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,'" the former New York City mayor said.
The year that would have marked King’s 90th birthday gives the party’s prominent members a valuable opportunity to address race.
“We’re not going to debate climate change, the existence of it. The Earth is getting hotter, and human activity is a major cause. Period.”
“The presidency is not an entry-level job,” he said. “We have some real problems."
"At the halfway mark of this terrible presidency, one has to wonder how much more the country can take," the former New York mayor said.
The record gift aims to open the "door of opportunity" for lower- and middle-income students.
"You don’t use the bully pulpit as the president of the United States to rile up people and say things as a joke or as a campaign promise.”
The nation's leading gun rights group regularly traffics in the sort of inflammatory rhetoric that has boiled over into violence in the past week.
The Republican leader warned that the wealthy donors are trying to "buy" the midterm election.
The former New York mayor and billionaire media mogul has suggested he may challenge President Donald Trump in 2020.
"I don’t know how true all of it is,” Bloomberg said of the Me Too movement.
"We will take action even if Washington doesn’t," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said at the Global Climate Action Summit.
The former New York mayor, a political independent, said Republican leadership had “failed” to "prove they could govern responsibly."