Michael Cohen

Winning a second term could put him beyond the reach of many of the possible charges, thanks to statutes of limitations that would run out.
"The more it is unraveled, the more he will unravel," Trump’s former personal attorney said.
The president's former personal attorney pointed to passage in his book describing a "delighted" Donald Trump gloating about a $10 million refund.
For the first time, the Manhattan district attorney’s office has revealed President Donald Trump may be under investigation for falsifying business records, tax fraud and insurance fraud.
"We're a bunch of sycophants," the president's former personal attorney said, describing Trump as a "cult leader."
"I believe it’s solely predicated on the fact that Barack Obama is Black," the president's former fixer said in a TV interview.
The president's former lawyer is still angry that Trump referred to his then-15-year-old daughter as "a piece of ass."
The president's former attorney warned what Trump will start doing on "day number one" if he declares victory.
The president's former personal attorney warns of last-minute drama between Election Day and the inauguration.
The president's former attorney also told NBC's Lester Holt about Trump's attacks on Barack Obama and South Africa.