Michael Cohen

Over the past week, Trump has been forced to sit inside a frigid courtroom and listen to a parade of potential jurors in his criminal hush money trial.
The former president's onetime right-hand man pointed out Trump's history when it comes to marking his children's educational milestones.
The former president's legal struggles are about to take a turn for the strange.
Meanwhile prosecutors were told they can discuss, but not show, the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape.
The former attorney to Trump called him "the single most dangerous thing" to national security.
The judge in Trump's hush-money criminal trial also denied a bid to bar Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels and other key witnesses from testifying.
Trump's former fixer sounded the alarm as the former president's debts mount.
But one weird moment changed it all, said the former president's onetime fixer.
The former Donald Trump lawyer blamed his own attorney for failing to check the cases before submitting them to the judge.
The former Trump attorney declared that the GOP front-runner is “playing to the lowest denominator of American that exists” in the country.