Michael Cohen

The ex-president's former fixer responded to the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling allowing the release of Trump's tax records to New York investigators.
“Thanks for giving me a second chance," Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, told the porn actress.
"There's no other way he can explain it to himself," Trump's former fixer and personal attorney told radio host Dan Abrams.
"When you finish a job, you’re always thinking about how to reinvent yourself," Donald Trump's former attorney said.
Trump's former personal attorney also weighed in on Trump's financial situation as he clings to the presidency.
“He’s a loser, and it’s killing him.” Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen thinks the president may slink away from Washington after Joe Biden’s win.
The former personal attorney and fixer to the president also said Trump probably would not attend the inauguration.
Winning a second term could put him beyond the reach of many of the possible charges, thanks to statutes of limitations that would run out.
"The more it is unraveled, the more he will unravel," Trump’s former personal attorney said.
The president's former personal attorney pointed to passage in his book describing a "delighted" Donald Trump gloating about a $10 million refund.