Michael Steele

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele dismissed the Colorado lawmaker's latest act as "performative bulls**t."
"Yummy … yummy … pass the salt please," Michael Steele said, commenting on new reports about the former president's mishandling of White House documents.
"You're a grown-ass man," Steele addressed Jordan, who claims he can't recall when he spoke to Donald Trump Jan. 6. "Stop acting like a 10-year-old."
The South Carolina senator's latest claim on Fox News doesn't add up.
"How do you make democracy something that the right cares about again?” MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace asked Michael Steele.
Michael Steele ripped the Republican Party over its Donald Trump litmus test.
Former GOP chair Michael Steele did not mince words after a new poll found that almost half of Republican voters would ditch their party for one based around former President Donald Trump.
Biden has sold himself to Americans as an uniter and a seasoned legislative broker. He's aware of the stakes on Jan. 5.
"The grift is on, baby," warned Michael Steele.