Michael Steele

“It’s actually a great thing, absentee ballots. I’m going to be voting absentee,” the president said a day after attacking the integrity of mail-in voting.
Michael Steele, former head of the Republican National Committee, remembered his friend Herman Cain and urged people to take the coronavirus seriously.
"Live in that bubble and you will die in that bubble," Michael Steele warned coronavirus skeptics.
Michael Steele says Trump's looking for footage for his reelection bid and suggests how to avoid giving it to him.
Michael Steele hammered Trump for failing to lead in the national crises of the coronavirus pandemic and protests over the death of George Floyd.
The president suggested it was a "badge of honor" to have the world's highest number of infections. His phrasing was scorned on social media.
Michael Steele noted that Trump "has yet to keep 'his mouth shut'" about Obama.
"What is the point of that?" wondered Michael Steele, the former head of the Republican National Committee.
Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, said on MSNBC that he thinks that the impeachment trial is almost over and that no witnesses will be called.
"There will be no more witnesses added to this conversation," predicted Michael Steele.