Michael Steele

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele spelled out why three key Republican assumptions about Donald Trump are wrong.
Former Republican grandee Michael Steele spelled out the only option that's left when it comes to the former president.
Michael Steele warned what will eventually happen to GOPers who don’t call it out.
Michael Steele called out Jordan's insincere plea after the Ohio Republican's bid for speaker came up short.
“You’ve got folks right now blaming Democrats for ousting Kevin McCarthy. And I’m like, wait a minute,” Michael Steele said.
The former president won't let one thing happen again, predicted ex-GOP leader Michael Steele.
Former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele is criticizing Nikki Haley — and other Republican presidential candidates — for taking too soft a stance on Donald Trump.
Michael Steele slammed the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations' "bubblegum speak" when it comes to the former president.
The Fox News personality's claims about Robert F. Kennedy Jr. didn't exactly match up with what appeared on the screen.