Michael Steele

Biden has sold himself to Americans as an uniter and a seasoned legislative broker. He's aware of the stakes on Jan. 5.
"The grift is on, baby," warned Michael Steele.
"And I'm happy to deliver it," he told Larry Wilmore.
“We need to now begin to free ourselves of this sickness and begin to heal ourselves," said former Republican Party official Michael Steele.
Ryan Mahoney and several other former Republican National Committee officials refused to vote for Donald Trump's reelection.
Michael Steele also slammed the GOP for bending “the arc of the party towards the baser motives” of Donald Trump.
"We have to literally beg people to wear a mask to save their own dumb ass from getting sick," Michael Steele said.
President Donald Trump is rallying support for his reelection bid at the Republican National Convention and is bucking the trend of previous conventions.
He also had a prediction for this week's Republican National Convention.
“It’s actually a great thing, absentee ballots. I’m going to be voting absentee,” the president said a day after attacking the integrity of mail-in voting.