Michael Steele

Michael Steele warned that the president’s claim that Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats are disloyal is “just the warmup.”
“I don’t know who all of these people talking to him, telling him this information that he’s now spewing up," Steele told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace.
MSNBC host said the president's facing even bigger challenges next.
Michael Steele claimed Trump was "probably not happy about what law enforcement did."
He said Republicans will have "no credence, no authority" to block future national emergencies by a Democratic president.
Michael Steele calls out GOP lawmakers for giving "cover to this president."
Where to send Trump to campaign where he can’t hurt his party -- how about Nice? Or Marseilles?
Republican Party judges people for "who they love" but won't reject a "pedophile," says Michael Steele.
In a “breaking news” story that unfolded on the evening of February 10, 2017, breathlessly recanted by a succession of on
Maybe this, together with all the dark talk of "rigged elections" from Trump will finally provide a dash of enthusiasm for Clinton, here at the homestretch -- it'd certainly be a fitting end to the most bizarre presidential campaign of everyone's lifetimes.
Under our respective "purple tents," we can all recognize that America is more united than divided, that thoughtful people can have thoughtful dialogue, and that disputes can get resolved and urgent issues solved.
Steele told Youth Radio he sees the dearth of black delegates on the convention floor as a real problem--one that goes way
Rep. Donna Edwards in her concession speech calls out her state for its lack of diversity in who it sends to Congress.