Michelle Obama

Video of the encounter quickly spread online, garnering international news coverage.
106-year-old Virginia McLaurin visits the Obamas at the White House
The former first lady broke down what "when they go low, we go high" was all about to "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert.
The former president said he "won the lottery" and shared a photo of the couple on their wedding day.
"Our thoughts are with the Royal Family and those mourning her passing," the former president said.
The internet ignited in approval over the former first lady's hairstyle choice for the monumental day.
"I don't get it. It looks like he got his portrait taken at the DMV," "The Daily Show" host said.
At the unveiling of their official White House portraits, former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama shared what the art means to them.
The former first lady said that after a peaceful transition to the next president, "all that remains in this hallowed place are our good efforts and these portraits.”
In an “Insider” article, a former Secret Service agent went into detail about the racism that Michelle Obama endured as first lady.