Michelle Rhee

A decade of teaching will produce more than good stories. It will produce insight, confidence, organization and high caliber teaching practices.
The nomination of Betsy DeVos to the post of Secretary of Education is such a bad choice that we don't even have to talk about actual policy ideas to understand how unsuited she is for the position
Rhee said that there were for-profit colleges in the room "doing incredible work." She said that such schools should seek to ensure that lower-performing schools do better. She asked the schools who "aren't where they need to be" in terms of performance to "work harder, knowing what's at stake."
Given this unambiguous show of support for charters, how could our governors have the chutzpah to swear an oath to protect public schools, as this would pose a crisis of conscience, not to speak of a conflict of interest akin to setting a fox to guarding a hen house?
The Answer to Trump, Fiorina, Carson & Sanders: Draft Joe Biden & Team
No other advanced nation in the world evaluates its teachers on test scores or subjects it children to relentless testing and calls it "education"! Why, then, does America? The answer is simple -- there's money in it!
It may have happened in April Fools Day, but it was certainly no joke. On April 1, 2015, 11 Atlanta educators were convicted of racketeering related to their roles in what has come to be widely known as "the Atlanta cheating scandal."
How D.C. went from punchline to touchstone in a relatively short period of time is an important question. Education advocates are always ready to hop planes to Finland and Singapore, but America's capital city offers some lessons closer to home.
Blew became interested in education reform through his father, a Los Angeles public school teacher who helped build a teachers
I did my best to sum up how education policies are destroying education and, more importantly, harmful to students, on a recent HuffPost Live segment.
Since then, there’s been a rush to write Michelle’s education reform epitaph. While some observers have been admirably nuanced
In the time remaining for his administration, Secretary Duncan can still make his place in history by rebalancing the educational reform initiatives in favor of providing more constructive supports for teachers.
Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee has told people close to her that she is preparing to step down as CEO of StudentsFirst, the advocacy organization she created after leaving her chancellor post, according to three sources close to the organization.
PREVIOUSLY: Former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee has told people close to her that she is preparing
It is virtually inconceivable that Boies has taken the time to understand the common, questionable methodology of the small
Attacking teacher unions and tenure, high stakes testing, NCLB, Race to the Top, Common Core, charter schools... all these things are just fiddling around while civil society burns.
The question of how and whether public school teachers should be able to obtain job security, or phrased another way, how easy it should be to fire them, is not new.
Dennis Van Roekel, outgoing president of the National Education Association, the largest U.S. teachers union, noted in 2013
The most interesting thing about Vergara v. California may not be the decision itself, but the reactions to it.
This is crazy stuff, and it makes it difficult if not impossible to have a reasonable discussion about the pros and cons of the Common Core.