Matthew DePerno has falsely claimed that the incumbent attorney general failed to look into supposed election crimes in 2020, the Detroit Free Press reported.
The GOP gubernatorial nominee poked fun at Michigan's Democratic governor, who was once targeted by extremists aiming to abduct her.
John Gibbs, the GOP nominee for a House seat in Michigan, said women should take care of children, and leave governing and voting to men.
Residents of the majority-Black city were exposed to lead when the city pulled water from the Flint River without treating it.
A new independent redistricting commission erased a GOP gerrymander, fueling Democratic optimism that they can flip one — and maybe both — state legislative chambers.
A family member blames the man's attack, which left his spouse dead, on political conspiracy theories that deteriorated his mental health.
Opponents of the measure claimed typos made the qualifying petitions incomprehensible, but the state's highest court rejected that argument.
But the fight for safe abortion access in Michigan is far from over.
Jocelyn Benson said misinformation "fuels the potential for additional threats, harassment and even violence on Election Day."
Republicans on the panel blocked the measure after Michiganders showed their support for it en masse.