Anxious Americans are concerned after months filled with disease and unrest that Election Day may become a flashpoint.
The Michigan native teams up with bestselling author Don Winslow in new pro-Biden video.
The state judge said a directive that barred openly carrying firearms at voting sites on Election Day did not follow proper procedure.
The Michigan governor, who was the target of a failed kidnapping plot by a far-right militia group, wrote in The Atlantic that Americans "deserve better.”
"I couldn't believe it was real," said Samir Mazahem.
A toxic political atmosphere and the prospect of armed poll monitors have some worried it might keep voters away.
Among young voters, 74% want state and local governments to do more about climate change. And they're lining up to make that happen.
Top Republican recruit John James is in an uphill battle against incumbent Democrat Gary Peters in Michigan’s most expensive Senate race ever.
Donald Trump's son ignored COVID-19 safety guidelines on the campaign trail in Michigan -- where coronavirus cases are again surging.
The Democratic governor of Michigan was the target of an alleged kidnapping plot involving militant Trump supporters.