Owen Burns says he was “freaking out” when he reached for his slingshot after hearing his sister scream as she was allegedly being abducted.
Just in time for the summer dining season, the U.S. government has given its blessing to restaurants that want to allow pet dogs in their outdoor spaces.
The new law, which will go into effect next year, will ensure that workers cannot be treated differently for receiving an abortion and employers can't discriminate based on personal beliefs.
The girl’s 13-year-old brother hit her alleged attacker in the head and chest using a slingshot in Alpena, Michigan.
A second Michigan school district is banning backpacks, this time because an elementary school student was found with a loaded gun.
The Denver Nuggets center and two-time NBA MVP won't be suspended for the altercation.
“He taught me to keep strong,” said John Hao, who was paralyzed in the deadly shooting at Michigan State University in February.
Flint Community Schools’ superintendent blamed a rise in “threatening behavior and contraband, including weapons,” at schools nationwide for the decision.
Using national issues to power local victories crawled the party out of the wilderness, but the terrain remains treacherous in swathes of the country.
“What year are they living in?” asked Michigan Democratic state Sen. Mallory McMorrow in response to Republicans voting against repeal, which passed 29-9.