Michigan Primary

She鈥檚 all but guaranteed to win in November, and could become one of America鈥檚 first Muslim congresswomen.
"The same people who told us Flint water was safe are telling us that this pipeline is safe."
It wasn't exactly the smartest choice for a hashtag and sparked criticism of Sanders supporters. It doesn't take much to
While Michigan Republicans stew about Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders swooping in and "politicizing" the crisis, they know that Snyder -- the leader of their party -- is a huge liability right now.
A Democratic candidate that loses a majority of historically Democratic states is unequivocally not more electable.
Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, shut down uneducated commentary about their support for Bernie Sanders.
While the battle for his replacement wages on, the president鈥檚 approval rating is finally positive again.
When Democrats aren't feeling the Bern, they aren't showing up.
The former Secretary of State did some serious campaigning in the beleaguered city.
Bernie Sanders' victory in the Michigan primary is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Foremost, this is the first real upset of this election season. Every single, and I mean every single opinion poll prior to the Michigan Primary showed Hillary Clinton in ascendancy.